Nokia Nuron gets reviewed by Engadget, they are not impressed

Nokia Nuron gets reviewed by Engadget, they are not impressedI was expecting to get a chance to try out the Nokia Nuron from T-Mobile sometime before it’s release this week, but T-Mobile hasn’t been hooking me up with review units like they have in the past so we have to look elsewhere for reviews. Engadget posted their Nokia Nuron review and the bottom line is not very encouraging. The device will be available under contract for $70, which is a nice price for a device with free Ovi Maps, but sadly Engadget thinks that price isn’t even good enough to recommend it.

As I said back when the Nokia 5800 XM launched, it should have been launched on T-Mobile USA last year with WiFi, GPS, and T-Mobile 3G support. I agree that launching a smartphone without WiFi today is not a good choice and have no idea why we are seeing the Nuron rather than a 5800 XM. If they are targeting teens, then the device has to have a good messaging client and Nokia does not have that on S60 with no threaded SMS and a rather weak keyboard input method on 5th Edition devices without a keyboard.


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