Nokia N900 web browser; kids deem it best of all phones

The Nokia N900 has an awesome we browser and it has handled every site I have thrown at it so far. The ultimate test came tonight though as my daughters and I were waiting for parents to pick up their kids at soccer practice. They took the N900 and typed in the Webkinz URL. Webkinz is a very flash heavy site that doesn’t even work on my MSI Wind netbook due to the limited display resolution. It is a site where you manage your stuffed animal, play games, and take part in a virtual world. I was very surprised to see that my girls were able to login and use the site right from the N900. Wow, now that was impressive!

The best browsers I have tried before this were the Opera Mobile browser on Windows Mobile and the Safari browser on the iPhone 3GS. I know it is still early in my evaluation, but it looks like the N900 may take the crown for best mobile browser that serves up the full Internet.


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Robert Najafabadi
October 15, 2009

Does it do HULU videos as well as videos from cbs, nbs ,cw,tbs and other tv channel websites videos. please test these type of webpages too. And flash games like Megaman project x. And please respond or make a post to my question.

Tim B.
October 15, 2009

I would be interested in knowing the complete list of apps that are loaded on the phone right out of the box. Finding apps for maemo will be a immediate obstacle for me. Thanks.

Will I Am
October 16, 2009

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finishes 21/10/09

October 17, 2009

Matt, when are you posting a video on the N900?

October 25, 2009

@Tim, why is finding apps going to be difficult? Just look here:

January 5, 2011

@Robert: you will be pleased to know that n900 is the best avaiable mobile web browser… it has handled every flash video site.. well without a hitch.. plus a recent tweak allows you to play even flash 10 videos too.. so if u r planning to buy one.. go ahead without hesitation..

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