Nokia N900 video: General walk around the device

I posted some of my initial thoughts with a walk around the hardware and some of the software of the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet last week, but realized I never posted any video content. You can check out a basic walk through of the device in the first video below and I will continue to post video of various aspects of the N900, including the web browser, PIM apps, email and messaging, media player, camera, games, and more. I took a break from the N900 this weekend and had my SIM floating around in the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 and iPhone 3GS, but after putting it back in the N900 I have to say the N900 is just missing a couple of pieces of software to make it my daily driver. These include a good Twitter application, better Calendar app (primarily so I can designate appointments as private), a way to send SMS in portrait mode, and a good Bible reading application.


3 Comments to Nokia N900 video: General walk around the device

October 21, 2009

Great video!!! Thanks for sharing it. I have a question, what was that blinking light on the left side of the phone? Was it the proximity sensor?

November 13, 2009

If your video camera has a manual focus… you should use it. otherwise good job.

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