Nokia N900 now available for pre-order, who is buying one?

n9001The Nokia N900 is now available for pre-order at the Nokia USA site for $649. You also get a Nokia BH-703 Bluetooth headset, but since I have a ton of Bluetooth headsets already I would f rather see a lower price on the N900 and removal of the headset. I am very close to pulling the trigger on a pre-order even though it is priced at $649. However, the N97 was priced at $699 so this is $50 cheaper and offers a new, revolutionary user experience. Not to mention the fact that is supports 3G on T-Mobile who is my wireless carrier.

I am sure before the weekend is over I will be pre-ordering one and understand that early October is the scheduled shipping date. I think this will be the device that is used for the upcoming Smartphone Experts Round Robin and it will be VERY interesting to read what others think of this fantastic Maemo device.

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long. I found out that I was able to earn a few bucks from ads here on Nokia Experts to help offset some of the cost of the N900 so I placed my pre-order. Look for LOTS of N900 coverage here, hopefully starting in early October.


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September 4, 2009

Not me. I learned my lesson on the N97 and will wait for updates and will watch the blogs.

Matthew Miller
September 4, 2009

I understand. You can watch here and I will detail all about it :) If I was an AT&T customer (I imagine many N97 owners are) I would hold off too, but with 3G on T-Mobile this device is VERY compelling to me and my N97 may end up on the auction block when the N900 arrives.

September 4, 2009

I switched from T-Mobile to AT&T when I got my N97 as I could not get the 3G. I cannot stand AT&T as I get more dropped calls than I can count. Luckily, since I had my own phone, I am not tied to a contract with them and can change anytime I like.

I will get a N900…but I learned with the N97 that there will be bugs and f/w upgrades….and Amazon, Dell and others will sell it for $100 less. I also learned that the mad rush to get the device won’t impact the ability to get it as I think many like me will sit back and wait and watch.

Oh, I do like my N97 and when the 2.0 f/w comes out I think I’ll like it even more as I won’t (I hope) be as worried about RAM and C: drive space!

September 4, 2009

Agree with the others, i will wait to see how this pans out and might even pick up one from the Chicago Nokia store (like i did with the N97) but until then i am absolutely loving my touch pro 2 on tmobile with my tzones supplying me with 3g 😀

September 4, 2009

The N900 seems light years better than the N97, thats for sure. I’m not crazy about only getting a 3 row keyboard on such a large device, but for the most part it’s not that hard to get used to the off center space bar.

I’m going to wait though, companies now a days are pointing devices out the firmware is truly ready because they know they can put out updates over the internet.

September 4, 2009

I think eventually I will head that way as I am a TMO customer. For now, I will wait for the n97 firmware update in October and try and ride out the first few months of the beta testing you all will be guinea pigs for. After the second or third firmware update on the N900, I am sure I will have endured enough gadget jealousy to order one. The one thing I thnk I may miss is the tilt screen on the n97. I sit the darn thing on my desk and the angled screen is still visible for me. I really like that. I’m sure I can get used to something else, though! :)

September 4, 2009

my plan: hold on to my n97, get that new v20 firmware coming out in oct. (should give it some life) and get me the n900 for xmas 😉

September 4, 2009

I am buying one, just not on preorder. The main reason is because of the taxes they charge on I’m already spending 650 on the device, I don’t want to pay taxes on top of that. I would be glad to order one right now from an online retailer and save at least a little bit of money, and my sanity. :-)

I’m looking forward to your views on the device though.

Hidden (for obvious reasons)
September 4, 2009

So I have a couple of contacts within Nokia NAM. I just got off of the phone with one and he saw a prototype yesterday at a NAM Nokia facility and played with it. Based upon what he said I may buy sooner than later. The biggest news though that he had to share is that the device is in production right now with a target release date in 5 weeks.

September 4, 2009

still wondering if there will be a tmo announcement of the device? matt did you hear anything about it?

September 4, 2009

I have already preordered mine (delivery in october). Here in Finland it’s 599€ + shipping, and this is a bargain because the N97 is selling for 627€.

September 4, 2009

I think it’s potentially big news that Nokia ISN’T apparently launching this in the US through T-Mobile. Why would they sale it unlocked themselves or announce that they will, if they had an agreement in place with T-Mobile? So then the question is did they have a deal such that they included the 1700 band radio and then the deal fell through? Or because they seem to finally be making in roads with AT&T, do they intend save all smartphone versions with 850/1900 band support for that budding relationship (and Rogers)? And all unlocked versions will get 1700? It seems quite strange to me we haven’t seen an unlocked NAM E55 (with 850/1900) offically confirmed/announced yet? And is there anything official yet on the E72 definitely having 850/1900 at some point?

Jose R. Ortiz
September 4, 2009

I’m too weak to resist even though I was (am) extremely disappointed with the N97, I’ve already placed my pre-order for the N900. I will say, my expectations are pretty low this time around.

September 4, 2009

I just hope this will be available in Canada via Rogers/Fido. Please Nokia….

September 5, 2009

Come on, Nokia. I was really hyped about getting this for my wife. But at $649, that’s a little too rich for my blood. Especially since my options are the N900 or the Android powered Archos tablet costing only $420 for a 500GB HDD. And that’s on the high end. An apples-for apples comparison makes the Archos 32GB $370. That still puts me almost a whole $300 ahead. The only thing we don’t know for sure until Sept 15 is whether it has a phone.

Nokia, you’ve spent a lot of resources on the N900 and have the best interface to date. Don’t crash and burn because you don’t get a carrier and subsidize it. You can have the best product in the universe but if people don’t know about it because of poor marketing or loose it to the competition (Android and the juggernaut Google fueling it) because theirs is cheaper, it-will-fail.

September 5, 2009

Well, I just pre-ordered the N900. I am also on the t-mobile network and have my fingerprints on the OMAP processor being an employee of TI. I am wondering when we can start to see blog traffic on how to migrate s60 apps to the N900 platform?

Brett Q.
September 8, 2009

I pre-ordered as soon as someone said it was available on Twitter. The N900 is really the device that I have been waiting for all these years. Will it live up to my expectations? No clue, but I am more than willing to give it a shot.

September 8, 2009

I’m still hoping that T-Mob will get it, as I’m planning on switching to T-Mob and am willing to sign up for a contract to get the subsidy.

September 8, 2009

question how to order the n900 in the states for shipping to holland?

September 8, 2009

I pre-ordered mine today though there’s no (public) estimated ship date. I hear that T-Mobile’s 3G network is pretty limited …

September 9, 2009

I’ve been thinking about the N900 and there are a few things about it that, individually, bother me a little. In ensemble, they make me 95% sure I won’t be buying this device.

1) No AT&T 3G
I’m used to the N97 which is extremely fast on 3G, so now I can’t see myself going back to EDGE speeds. And switching to T-Mobile just for this phone would be ridiculous.

2) Anssi
Remember what the guy said in his speech at Nokia World, right? Maemo 5 is just he 4th step out of 5. Maemo 6 will be the sh!t.

3) It’s a tablet first, then a smartphone
This one, I believe, is related to 2). The N900 is essentially a tablet. If you pay attention to the preview videos, you will notice that the interface doesn’t switch to portrait mode, even when the slider is closed. The only shots I’ve seen with the screen showing something usable on portrait mode was on the phone dialer interface. It means that for any function other than calling somebody you will need two hands on this thing (that’s what she said). Well, one may argue that the phone mode is actually the only instance when you wanna use the phone in portrait mode. I beg to disagree, turning the phone around to landscape mode and using two hands all the time will be annoying.

The N900 looks awesome if you look at the hardware specs. In the daily use though, I will reserve my judgement until after I see some lengthy reviews. I definitely won’t be pre-ordering it. From Nokia USA much less! PLEASE remember their extremely Nazi exchange policy!!

September 9, 2009

Not me. Countless problems with early 5800, which was supposed to be my “first contact” with the smartphone world.

Not that I don’t like the concept, of course. I can’t live without a smartphone anymore, but as for Nokia… I’m doing like others… I will wait until december watching the blogs. If they don’t fix the problems (if any), I may even go Android or something, even if the form factor of its phones are not th best IMO.

October 17, 2009

Hey guys, wanted to knw if the Nokia N900 unlocked version will work in Canada on a prepaid Rogers sim card? Beacuse the Nokia n900 is never going to get launched in Canada, no way it will come here….

November 19, 2009

@sidd: Yes it will work there, but the warranty is only good in the U.S. My friend went through Shipito and had it shipped to him all the way in indonesia where it isn’t sold either and it is fine.

Steve B.
December 1, 2009

@may: I used companies like that and I have actually never used Shipito but it seems that they have better prices on their site than the other ones. I will give it a try.

Joseph A
March 5, 2010

N900 why is it that we in Canada always get the short end of the stick, I’m a Bell subscriber which I will end soon, the phones that Bell offers tend to be Bland and never leading edge, at least they wised up and started carrying the iphone of which I would not buy, the Nokia N97 I must say is great disappointment, and it is funny how we in Canada are stuck with the lower quality products when right under our noses Nokia flaunts the N900 in the USA of which we can’t get over here, Come On NOKIA REMEMBER CANADA, we may have restrictions on our communications carriers but that will be ending soon, and hope that you will wise up and offer all your phones to us also…

May 27, 2010

A couple retailers now sell the N900 as unlocked, but I think only with Wind Mobile can you get the 3G data, every other carrier you’d be stuck with Edge.

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