Nokia gives away more N8s to developers!

Remember back at Nokia World when Nokia gave 1,000 developers Nokia N8 devices? Well, they did it again at the Nokia Developer Day event in San Francisco today. I knew I should have learned C++ and made the trip down there this week 😉  Seriously, I think this is great for us Nokia fans as it gets devices into more developer’s hands so we have the more likely possibility of seeing some great apps come out from them. I like to support good developers and have no problem paying for good apps.

Are there any developers who read this site who received a new N8? What colors were they giving away?


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October 6, 2010

Shouldn’t you learn Qt instead?

October 6, 2010

Qt is alo C++

October 6, 2010

Learn C++? Unfortunately from what I saw there were many suits (ie people looking as anything but a developer) getting a free device

Hopefully next time they’ll organize things better and give dev phones to people that will really use them as such

S3 the new devloper era ?
October 7, 2010

[…] look to push real hard to get more and more devlopers as we can see in the US with busy calender. Nokia gives away more N8s to developers! | Nokia Experts More of your idea Forum Nokia – Your idea. Our […]

October 8, 2010

It’s really an great idea, thank you for the news, I didn’t know that Nokia did before but I did read about android phone Nexus one that have been provided by Google to developers, I really thought it was Google idea but it isn’t, Nokia does so… however the N8 also has a good hardware as the nexus one or even better so it’s a good material for developers to try there apps on it..
Should thank Nokia… and we are waiting for the new powerful apps to compete apple’s app store and Google apps.
Take care

[…] third is that they gave away one Nokia N8 to every developer present at the conference, which adds up to all the N8s that they also gave to developers during […]

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