Nokia N8 tips & tricks: Rock out with Zune Pass subscription music

It was just about a year ago that I told you all how to get Zune Pass subscription music onto your Nokia N97 and I am VERY pleased to report you can now do the same with the awesome media player on the Nokia N8. It sure is nice to see Nokia maintaining support for Microsoft’s Windows Media DRM, isn’t it? Yes, that is right folks here in the USA, you don’t need Ovi Music to download thousands of songs to listen to on your N8 with your $14.99 montly Zune Pass. Also, you can build up your own personal library of MP3 files each month with your 10 free songs a month that you can use even when you stop your Zune Pass subscription.

I am a huge fan of the Zune Pass because it gives me the chance to listen to a lot more music than just a genre or two I know I like. I have discovered I really enjoy jazz, especially for playing in the background while I write. With a Zune Pass you can try out millions of songs and then make decisions on your 10 free songs or even others you can also purchase.

The steps are actually pretty easy to use Zune Pass music with your Nokia N8 so let’s walk through them:

  1. Sign up for the Zune Pass (there is a free 14-day trial too)
  2. Download and setup the Zune software on your PC
  3. Select some music and add it to your Zune collection
  4. Connect your Nokia N8 via USB
  5. Select Media Transfer mode
  6. Open up Windows Media Player (your Zune music should appear in the library if you leave the defaults enabled)
  7. Drag songs over to the Sync sidebar for your N8 mass memory (internal) or microSD card
  8. Click on Start sync to get the music onto your N8
  9. Enjoy Zune Pass subscription music on your N8 with the slick media player interface

Now, let me be clear again, these are the steps for the DRM subscription tunes and not for the free ones you get to keep each month. Those free ones can be handled like any other ripped CD music or other DRM-free music, such as transferring with the Nokia media transfer tool or simply by dragging and dropping.


11 Comments to Nokia N8 tips & tricks: Rock out with Zune Pass subscription music

October 4, 2010

I cant confirm this on the n8 as yet but Nokia Symbian phones could also play Amazon content (rented/purchased vids and not just mp3’s).

I love the Zune & really hope MS releases an ipod touch like device since I have no interest in spending $800 on an unlocked phone while waiting for the N9!

Robert Najafabadi
October 4, 2010

But Nokia has their own Sub music OVI music or something why are Nokia experts using MS ZUNE pass why?

Al Pavangkanan
October 5, 2010

@Robert Najafabadi
Ovi Music is unavailable in the US.

I still haven’t seen confirmation of gapless playback

Matthew Miller
October 5, 2010

Al, I am not experiencing gapless playback and do not see anyway to enable it. Does any Nokia device support this? It is not something I personally care about so never spent time researching it.

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October 8, 2010

Thanks for this article. I use Zune Pass as well and this is a selling point for the N8. Oh boy, should I buy one or wait for the E Series…

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October 26, 2010

i cannot search for songs by typing it in the music player in nokia N8 as there is no search option provided

October 26, 2010

sumbuddy plz help me

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