How does the Nokia N8 stack up with Windows Phone 7?

How does the Nokia N8 stack up with Windows Phone 7?In two weeks Windows Phone 7 devices start to roll out in the United States and they are actually available now in other parts of the world. I previously told you I wrote one of the very few books on Windows Phone 7 that will also be available around the November launch date, titled Windows Phone 7 Companion, and thus I am intimately familiar with this new mobile operating system. You also obviously know I am a fan of Nokia devices so I thought you might like to see my take on a comparison between the Nokia N8 and Symbian^3 versus a typical Windows Phone 7 device (they all have basically the same specs to start with).

Windows Phone 7 is a complete revamp of a mobile operating system for Microsoft and it shows. It has a unique user interface with tiles and hubs on a Start screen and lots of swiping, flicking, pinching, and animations making for an interesting experience. You can check out lots of Windows Phone 7 coverage over on our sister site, it was actually totally redone too,

Here is what I can do on my N8 that I cannot on a Windows Phone 7 device:

  • Multi-task and have multiple non-native applications running actively at the same time.
  • Cut, copy, and paste text from one location to another.
  • Download podcasts directly to the device.
  • Configure my wireless data connection to tether and share it with other devices and computers.
  • Have multiple home screens with the ability to quickly manage my wireless connections, see Twitter feeds, and more.
  • Change the background image of my Home screen.
  • Play Angry Birds (I imagine this game will eventually come to WP7, but just wanted to have a bit of fun.)
  • Use Skype to make calls.
  • Edit my videos on my phone.
  • Use the FM transmitter to enjoy music and podcasts over the air in my car or house.
  • Take the highest quality photos with a 12 megapixel camera and awesome HD video recorder.
  • Get free, powerful voice guided navigation anywhere in the world.
  • Rotate my N8 and get everything working in the orientation the device is positioned in.
  • Quickly switch between open applications.

Here is what I can do on a Windows Phone 7 device that I cannot on my N8:

  • View a monthly calendar that actually tells me something useful.
  • Play fun games, including through an Xbox LIVE service with multiple players.
  • Stream and enjoy Netflix movies on the phone.
  • Receive and view email from multiple sources in a beautiful, user friendly form that stays in sync reliably.
  • Sync Google (and other service) calendars through a simple setup process.
  • Download full versions of songs wirelessly with my Zune Pass.
  • Stream music via Zune Pass, Slacker, and through other services.
  • Activate a powerful voice command program for calling, searching, and launching applications.
  • Find my phone and have it ring even if I misplaced it somewhere in the house, for free too.

They both can do all the standard things smartphones can do today (phone calls, email, web surfing, and much more) and one rather surprising thing they also both do is play Zune Pass subscription music.

I am 99% sure I am going to buy the T-Mobile HTC HD7 when it launches on November 8th and my wife may also be getting one and finally start using a data service with T-Mobile. This is the first generation of Windows Phone 7 and as you can see there is lots of room for growth, but honestly it is a pretty solid release for version 1.0.


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October 25, 2010

The Nokia has spotify and mobbler ( for streaming music.

Matthew Miller
October 25, 2010

Mobbler does not currently work on the N8 and I don’t think Spotify works in the US, right?

October 25, 2010

You can stream music/internet radio via TUNEWIKI. However, Mobbler/ is not yet offered for N8 on the OVI store and Spotify doesn’t work in USA.

October 26, 2010

The Zune + Xbox integration is the USP for me. The lack of podcast downloads to device is a bummer but will still get a Zune device if they launch one (ala ipod touch).

@Matt: You may want to play with the HD7 before committing.

Most reviews comment that the quality of screen is subpar (Not SLCD or SAMOLED)

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Anon E. Mouse
October 26, 2010

Actually the folks over at Mobbler recently announced they have a new version for S^3. They just have to work out some final details before it’s available. I like what I’m seeing so far with WP7 however I think it’s going to come down the same issue I have with Android. The OS is fine. It’s the hardware I’m not impressed with.

Shivaram Krishnan
October 27, 2010

Hey come on man with OVI Music i can download full songs, latest albums, oldies, all genres and all the songs for one year, which is free.

Shivaram Krishnan
October 27, 2010

second is you didnt mention about OVI store and Windows Market.

Shivaram Krishnan
October 27, 2010

third one is the most important plus point of N8 is the HDMI
fourth is USB on the go
fifth is USB charger
how about multi-touch in both the devices???

October 27, 2010

“Activate a powerful voice command program for calling, searching, and launching applications.”

can you define “powerful”? Nokia can do voice command even from Nokia 3650.

Robert Najafabadi
October 27, 2010

Why want Nokia make one “supper-phone” with the Four carriers in the US and pay developers like Microsoft to make a bunch of apps. I just want the tech media that disses Nokia for no good rezone to eat their words about Symbian and Nokia not being competitive.

October 31, 2010

Internet radio works on the n8, i use it all the time, i actually prefer it over mobbler.
you can get it right here

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February 26, 2012

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