Nokia N8 Producers winners announced

Wow, I am almost embarrassed by my rocket launch entry video after seeing the eight winners of the Nokia N8 Producers contest. I thought mine had a fun story, but these winners all have fantastic video productions that blew mine out of the water. Thankfully, my orange Nokia N8 didn’t fly too far and end up broken since that would have been a real waste too.

These producers really showed the power of the Carl Zeiss optics and 12 megapixel camera. One great thing about viewing these winning videos is that you learn techniques and methods for how to create some fantastic videos yourself and I found them inspirational.

Which of these eight is your favorite?


3 Comments to Nokia N8 Producers winners announced

February 12, 2011

I’m sorry Matt, but you’re wrong. You probably have never used a Nokia before. Nokia phones are unbreakable. I’ve dropped them from a floor and, trust me on this, tossed one against a wall with moderate force, but nothing happened. So no matter what you could have done, you would have failed to break it.

February 15, 2011

Elop and the board are myopic twits:

Seriously the conventional thinking on this deal is appalling and clearly illustrates how if you have a hammer (Elop) all you see in life are nails(WP7).

If Nokia would be serious about winning back the space they would have made a deal with Google, so they could kill Google. How? Sign up with Google, many analysts believed this would have been a bad move for Google since Nokia could have commoditized Android even more and pushed down prices and margins.

EXACTLY THE POINT!! Kill all series 40 phones and deploy android phones, BUT:

1) Skin the android marketplace in OVI.
2) Over the next 12 months skin Android in a Nokia UI.
3) Ovi Maps ported to Android.
4) Skin an Android e-mail client (buy or licence)as Ovi mail.
5) Keep all the good Nokia bits proprietary (Camera, Hardware, etc)

This allows Nokia to capture the feature phone converts and gain share.

Phase 2
1) Deliver the strategy to have Meego /QTat the high end.
2) Meego runs Android Apps.
3) Since the “Nokia Android” experience is all skinned in Nokia – Ovi and UI Nokia can then create flagships Meego phones that become the upgrade path to all the android entry level phones.
4) Symbian users would rather move to Meego and with QT the Symbian developers have an upgrade path to Meego.

Now that would have been a strategy!

As far as Android being enemy number one…well no one know how Android will falter now that Verizon (USA Carrier) has the iPhone – Verison being THE biggest proponent of Android in the USA..

February 19, 2011

all of this love for WP7 and still no copy/paste???? GTFOHWTDABS. This merger is the equivalent of two ugly people hooking up, 2 sad cases that needed some love. Nokia should have bought Palm. This is Microsoft’s 100th time trying to make a mobile platform.

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