Nokia N8 pre-orders shipping this week in USA? That’s what they say

Nokia N8 pre-orders shipping this week in USA? That's what they sayI am REALLY loving this evaluation Nokia N8 device and have about 10 days left before I have to return it so I am as anxious as most of you (OK, probably not so much since I actually have one to use) to get our pre-ordered devices. The banner (included here) that is now up on Nokia USA states that the N8 devices are shipping this week. I just got off the phone with customer service and they still don’t have any idea about when that might be and just gave me the standard, “You will receive a confirmation and shipping information when your order is shipped” statement.

It is great to see so much excitement for the devices and I really wish you all had them now as well. I’ll keep working on answering your questions and posting thoughts on the device and imagine there may be even more questions when you get them too.


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October 5, 2010

Thanks, Matthew!

October 5, 2010

I just pulled the trigger and preordered one. A few questions for you while I wait for mine to arrive:

  1. Does tethering (via Joikuspot) work on the device yet?

  2. Does the new M4E support global address book lookups?

  3. How is the built-in instant messaging app vs. 3rd party apps like Nimbuzz?

  4. Hopefully Google Maps still works on it (as their USA POI database is far better)?


Matthew Miller
October 5, 2010

Jeff, how about some answers so you can wait with even more anticipation?

  1. Tethering with JoikuSpot works like a champ.
  2. GAL works just fine and is pretty well implemented since it give you a single tap option to search the server as you enter a name.
  3. I don’t think there is any integrated IM. I have Fring and Nimbuzz loaded for that.
  4. Google Maps works with it just like always and is a nice option to Ovi Maps too.
October 5, 2010

First time commenting here, this blog is actually one of the fairer, more accurate and just better in general than the rest blogs.

I bought an N8 for my gf (she wanted blue, but i guess she has no choice but the grey)!.

Can you load up the SWYPE beta from Nokia beta labs on the N8? Until multitouch arrives via the firmware upgrade, I would use it.

Matthew Miller
October 5, 2010

The Swype folks are getting ready to release a beta for the N8 (hopefully this week) and I personally cannot wait to try that out.

Thanks for the comment on the site, I appreciate it.

Elias Valdez
October 5, 2010

I guess I just have one question about it for now (oh and it’s my first post here even though I am a BIIIG fan), How does the IM work? I mean, is it like the N900 that has it integrated with the contacts or do you have to get an IM app? is the E7 the same?

October 5, 2010

Thanks Matthew!
Can you please tell us if email forwards are sent as an attachment or are they inline forwards such as ios?

October 5, 2010

Hi, I wanted to know if the bloomberg and acuweather apps work on the N8 homescreen like they did on the N97? Are there current versions of these apps for the device?

Rafael Roque
October 5, 2010

I gave up trying to figure out a shipping time frame =(… Nokia press says one thing, and Nokia reps another. Even the online banner on contradicts itself. In big BOLD letters it reads the N8 is shipping this week! While in small small font below it reads the dark grey N8 will ship next week and other colors will be available for pre-order on 10/07/10. How does that make sense?!? When only the dark grey was available for pre-order at first. So much for the idea of pre-ordering getting theirs first. Sorry Nokia, but you lost the momentum with the N8.

October 5, 2010

I’m with Rafael. First it was the black only (US) and then the other colors would be available for pre-order on the 4th. I look on the 4th and Nokia changed their minds and now say the 7th. It’s tough being a US Nokia customer. We’re always getting shafted. I’m holding out for a silver one. I think it’s a color that will work the best with any theme you put on the phone. Orange phone with a green theme and I think you would end up with a seizure! (Graphic artist by trade so I’m always thinking how things will look later on.) Nokia, HURRY UP! You’ve had MONTHS to get this out the door. Let’s go! Chop chop!

October 5, 2010

Well, I like the silicone cases for the N8, it seems they are great and I will buy all 4 for the different colors

October 6, 2010

Actually you guys may be better off than people in some European countries and get them before … Which would be a first.

Eric James
October 6, 2010

I have called Nokia Customer Service twice, same generic “early October timeframe.” My fear is that my Nokia online account no longer shows my preorder. Their service folks say since it’s a preorder it wont show until it ships. Anyone else see that?? (Former Android user trying something new)

October 7, 2010

I called Nokia USA customer service today to inquire about shipping date. I was told devices would start shipping the 2nd week of October (so NEXT week, not THIS week like their banner says). I also was told they’d start with people who preordered first – and that I shouldn’t expect the device I preordered late last week to ship for “several more weeks.” BAH!

October 8, 2010

Wow, I just got a call from AMEX saying they declined a charge from Nokia… so maybe they are finally starting to think about shipping the phone. Of course the decline is very bad news for me, since Nokia USA is very very bad at handling anything out of the ordinary.
So… fresh off the phone. Nokia canceled the order and they have no way of re-instating it. I guess that’s a good way to clear the waitlist.
I give up and I will either get another phone or wait for the price of this thing to drop.
Wow, I can’t believe how poorly Nokia handled this whole thing. Amazing. And, yes, I know AMEX should have allowed the charge, but that does not excuse the ridiculous misinformation from Nokia and pathetic customer service – at least here in the US. I was so excited about this phone… Good luck to all of you with pre-orders. I hope you don’t have any fraud protection on your credit cards, because if so, your order is gone…

October 8, 2010

Hey guys, just to give you heads and hopes up, my order was just confirmed and my card charged.. Preorder placed 08/24/2010.. Almost there! Good luck to all of us. 😉

October 8, 2010

Same here, Honza . . . rather surprised after Nokia told me it’d be several more weeks yesterday. I’d rather have a silver one (no way I go for another preorder), but any color is better than my iPhone 3GS which is really struggling with iOS4.

October 12, 2010

Is it true that the N8 will not be upgradeable to the Symbian 4 OS which I understand is expected early 2011?

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