Nokia N8 PR 1.1 now available in the U.S.

Nokia N8 PR 1.1 now available in the U.S.Last week I wrote about the PR 1.1 update for the Nokia N8 and I was disappointed that we didn’t have it in the US. Well folks, you can now check your N8 and you should find it available. The update is just about 6.9 MB and I just finished downloading it on my orange N8. One week after it started to roll out really is not that bad, especially when we look at the history of updates for North American Nokia devices.

The way I checked was to simply go to phone dialer and enter *#0000#. Then tap on the left soft key and check for updates. After downloading you then choose to install now or later. After choosing now your phone will shutdown and then a white display with an updating status bar will appear.


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February 15, 2011

I just had mine done at 7:30am this morning :)

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February 15, 2011

’bout time! I was starting to think with the whole MS+Nokia merger that they were going to skip the US market and go straight to W7! :)

February 15, 2011

Just checked, No updates available, using N8-00, RM-596

February 15, 2011

Nokia, almost game over. show what you got. NOW!!! (or never)

Nokia should come with something te very soonest. The reason is simple, the offer for high quality communication devices is hugh, gigantic, massive and immense. Just look at what competitors have to offer, for example, at the MWC 2011 in Barcelona.

Thus, why should consumers wait for Nokia? Even die hard Nokia fans cannot wait anymore. Why? Because they love high quality devices/smartphones and there is lots of it to choose from, NOW, at this very moment. A big negative point from Nokia is that they cannot give a specific date for introducing….just something.

I am very confident that Nokia will come with a range of new and competitive devices in the early second quarter of 2011. And if not, they sould come with a new, fresh and astonishing upgrade of its Symbian3 platform. Just to show what they can. Overall, it is important for Nokia to come up with ….something… very soon.

A lifeless Nokia is a hugh market for competitors,….even big old Microsoft.

Shayne Sandison
February 15, 2011

make sure you uninstall the current version of quickoffice to get the new one (6.4), This is a known issue, I got the same information from quickoffice support

February 15, 2011

Still not a fix for my messed up social. :(

Christopher DeVine
February 16, 2011

Two changes I’ve noticed in the update: the music player screen saver and photos. The music player screen saver now has colors and wavy lines. I don’t care for this, but I can’t figure out how to turn it off. I’ll still use this because I like being able to just look at my phone to see if I have any missed calls or messages, no need to press a button or swipe the screen. In photos, previously, I could not zoom into a picture that I had taken while the music player was running in the background. This has been fixed, now I can study from snaps of text book pages while listening to my jams, awesome.

February 16, 2011

“The way I checked was to simply go to phone dialer and enter *#0000#. Then tap on the left soft key and check for updates.”
Quite intuitive !

[…] Nokia N8 PR 1.1 now available in the U.S. […]

February 21, 2011

Not all variants of the software have been released for USA yet. This link gives status of updates (571 variants !)

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March 9, 2011

Is there any demand by the community of Symbian users for an update to the calendar? I came to my Nokia E71 from an iPhone and a Palm Treo 680 before that. The calendar was and still is the most important application on a smartphone for me. Perhaps I was spoiled by Agendus on Palm OS, as I found the calendar on the iPhone to be insufficient. The calendar on S60 devices are not exceptionally function (as a calendar should be), but at least it displayed appointment details in the month view. Now, Nokia has seen fit to cripple the calendar even further. I’m beginning to wonder whether folks at Nokia use their devices for anything other than entertainment. Would love to hear that some pressure in being brought to bear on them and that they are listening, as I simply cannot upgrade to new Nokia device if the calendar remains as it is. (Thanks Matt for going into detail about the calendar in your video review. You are the only person I could find who payed any attention to this critical application).

April 11, 2011

what is the price of n8 in india???

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August 4, 2011

Is this the latest firmware version, Ok I’ll download it first so i can make a feedback regarding on this issue. *0000# shows the SW version.

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