Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly?

Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly?I have always wanted to be an astronaut and almost applied for a mission engineer position when I was in the USCG and they were looking for engineering officers, but I really did not want to spend the rest of my life living in Houston. There is no an opportunity for me to get a taste of space with a grand prize of a Zero Gravity Flight through the Nokia N8 Productions contest. I see that this has been going on for nearly two weeks and I just now caught wind of it so I am sorry to all you readers for my tardiness.

If you have a Nokia N8 and want to fly then I encourage you to enter this contest now. If you don’t have a Nokia N8, then you can actually submit your video idea and get a chance for a loaner to use for the contest. I have a couple of ideas for videos and plan to start shooting very soon so keep an eye on that site for my videos and I hope you enjoy them.


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December 22, 2010

Good Luck Matt!

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[…] Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly? […]

[…] Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly? […]

[…] Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly? […]

[…] Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly? […]

[…] Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly? […]

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Anthony M. Cooper
January 17, 2011

I’ve flown with my N8, but I’m not willing to risk my N8 in the flight. Didn’t see away to get a loaner N8 to go on the flight. Want to see more Pinata Rocket? http://uscoopers.org/rockets/Pinata/default.htm

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Bryan Colliers
August 4, 2011

When I purchased my Nokia N8, I had a serious challenge with the battery. I even returned the phone to the vendor for repairs because I thought it was faulty. The battery discharged completely every 5 hours after a full charge. But I think the problem is when i use everytime the camera and video because camera and video are using to much battery power so idecided to use it in important or when Im in a vacation. Nokia N8 is a great gadget for me.

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