Nokia N8 announced with 5-band 3G, sealed battery, 12 megapixel camera

I have not been very excited about any Nokia device for a few months, especially with the recent HTC Incredible, Nexus One, Palm Pre Plus, and other devices readily available here in the US. Today Nokia officially announced the Nokia N8 Symbian^3 device and I have to say I am planning to pick one up as soon as I can. One of the most compelling features is the unique 5-band WCDMA 3G support that we have not yet seen on ANY other smartphone to date. This means you can buy it and use it with either AT&T or T-Mobile here in the US and get 3G data speeds.

Another first for Nokia is a sealed internal battery locked inside the aluminum colored shell. This used to be one area where Nokia fans slammed the iPhone, but in all honesty even though I have spare batteries I rarely ever use them and find this to be a non-issue. On the other hand, the specs of the N8 show only a 1200 mAh battery so that may be an issue.

Other specifications of the Nokia N8 include:

  • 3.5 inch 640×360 capacitive touchscreen display
  • Symbian^3 OS with Qt 4.6.2 support
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • HDMI port
  • Internal 16GB memory and microSD card for up to 32GB more memory
  • 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash and 720p capture capability
  • Both a FM transmitter and a FM radio
  • Integrated GPS with free Ovi Maps navigation
  • 1200 mAh NON-REPLACEABLE battery (seems a bit low for this device)
  • 5 colors in aluminum casing
  • Dimensions: 4.47 x 2.32 x 0.51 inches and 4.76 ounces

Look at these specs and you will see things not seen on many other smartphones, including Bluetooth 3.0, 12 megapixel camera, FM transmitter, and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. The display is not as high of resolution as I though it would be for a high end device, but it does support 16 million colors too.

Specifications are not everything though, as we have seen with past Nokia devices, but I think Symbian^3 will add in some user interface improvements. I saw it in action at CES this year and IMHO it looks much like Maemo 5 and Google Android while still having some familiar Nokia characteristics so I think we will find it quite appealing and functional. I am sure others here in the US will slam it, but that is nothing new and doesn’t surprise me. Is the iPhone with its very limited icon-based user interface really that efficient and optimal? I don’t personally think so and never use my iPhone as a phone anymore because it doesn’t give me enough functionality.

I personally want a blue or orange one, but understand they vary by country. I wish this was available in the next month or two and am not sure I can wait until Q3 of this year.


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April 27, 2010

Non-user serviceable battery is a deal killer for me. Having had to purchase and replace at least one extra battery for each cell phone I’ve owned over the past 15 years, I would never buy a phone where I can’t just order a spare and an external charger and be able to swap them. Especially not on a smart phone, where battery life is generally lower to start with. This was one of the major deal killers for me with the iPhone (even with jail breaking). I hope this isn’t a trend we’re seeing. :(

April 27, 2010

It is interesting. One of the biggest things most Nokia users wanted was a removable battery. Looking back though, the last few N Series devices used a plastic cover that felt flimsy, but it was actually quite durable (N97, 5800, etc). Nokia probably figured that most high-end, early adopters only keep a device for approximately a year so the battery wasn’t a deal killer for most people. They also offer recharging solutions for their devices when you’re on the go. The spec sheet isn’t terrible, but what I would have liked to see is a camera cover. C’mon Nokia…seriously? I think what most people are complaining about is the UI. Personally, Symbian has THE MOST advanced options of any OS I have seen on a mobile phone, even more so than Maemo 5 (N900). After the iPhone hit the market people thought phones should just be icons on a screen. The biggest problem right now with Nokia is getting a device on paper, prototyped, and to the public in a timely manner before the competition steps it up.

April 30, 2010

I’ve been waiting for Nokia to become a real player in the touchscreen arena ever since I had my E62. I have to agree with Matt that UI has to improve. I love that Nokia – more than anyone else – crams the most/biggest/best tech into their phones. I hate that the UI doesn’t live up to it the hardware. And where’s the hype for S^3, particularly for developers? I became an Android developer because I feel in love with the OS and Google gave me reasons to invest the time (developer challenges, free phones for devs writing highly downloaded & rated apps, etc). I’ve seen very little (nothing actually) about developing for S^3. There’s plenty of MeeGo; not much on S^3. Without an expansive developer base, a platform can’t swim.

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It’s okay still they don’t have Xenon, 12MP, aluminum casing, HD video recording, dolby, hdmi output, different colors of N8 and lots more, I can’t even count the dozens of N8 advantages over them.

[…] Nokia N8 announced! […]

[…] Nokia N8 announced! […]

[…] Nokia N8 announced! […]

[…] Nokia N8 announced! […]

Tim B.
May 13, 2010

I could see interest in this device if;
the native apps cover most of my needs,
there is at least some sign of promise in the Ovi app store for Symbian 3 development,
They keep the price at 5 beans or less.

Positives: 5 band 3g and multimedia capabilities.
Negatives: 1200 mAh battery, low res screen when compared to my Nexus One.

marc sebastian
May 15, 2010

Battery, no open access to OS. I will stick with my N900, an update is due soon for it and will be Meego, it will have similar apps as the N8. But I do like the camera specs thougth.

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Maria Fred
June 9, 2010



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August 3, 2010

hi very good .thanks

[…] refine the device. I know a few weeks isn’t the end of the world in real life, but when Nokia announced the device way back in April with a Q3 delivery date moving the delivery date into the 4th quarter does get to […]

[…] refine the device. I know a few weeks isn’t the end of the world in real life, but when Nokia announced the device way back in April with a Q3 delivery date moving the delivery date into the 4th quarter does get to […]

[…] Nokia N8 announced! […]

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