Nokia N79 to be first to ship without a charger

Nokia N79One thing about being a person who has several Nokia devices in the house I have no shortage of chargers available to use. Actually, with a charger at the office, at home and in my gear bag I still have a few others sitting sealed in their boxes. One thing that appeals to me about Nokia is their proactive belief and practices in helping preserve our world for future generations. I recently read on Nokia Users that Nokia is trying out a program where they give buyers the option to make a purchase with or without a charger. The first device to have this option is the Nokia N79 Petrol Black with the original white model having it soon as well.

The devices will be priced the same so there is no direct monetary benefit to buying a package without a charger, however £4 (about US$ ) will be donated to the WWF for each device sold without the charger. Keep in mind that those devices without a charger will also come in a smaller box and thus reduce packaging waste. To help with this effort, Nokia will have to stay focused on limited charger options. Right now most devices use the same charger, but some of the newer devices are coming with the capability to use the microUSB port for charging and syncing.


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January 27, 2009

To be exact, it is the Nokia N79 “ECO” which will ship without charger, there will be a “ordinary” N79, which ships with charger, too? Or am I wrong? I am sure that this is the way it goes in Europe/Germany :)

Darren Humphries
January 27, 2009

I couldn’t figure out what you were saying at first. I was thinking, “no charger? But…how…”. I’m a bit slow. :)

January 27, 2009

Funny Darren, that is exactly what I was thinking the first time I read the story :) It does make a lot of sense though when you think of the Nokia market outside of the US where lots of people have multiple Nokia devices in their homes. It also makes sense for mobile phone geeks like me that have several Nokia phones.

January 27, 2009

I think this a good idea. It cuts down waste and clutter. All Nokia needs to do is keep the charger consistent.

Patrick Rice
January 28, 2009

We got this oh maybe two year back now in the UK, with the Nokia 6233 “Letterbox Edition” – a thinner box version, by virtue of no charger, that meant that for Web/Direct Orders, the user was not required to physically sign for delivery – Royal Mail could just pop it through the letterbox.

After that though, the idea behind it kind of died out, and Nokias since then have largely been with Charger, no other option, barring one or two exceptions.

BUT, as the article says, Nokia have messed things up a bit here, with the change to the micro sized jack plug charger, from the slightly wider one, a couple of year back, and now the introduction of charging over USB – something all my none-nokia devices have had for at least four years.

So what Nokia maybe should really have done, is skipped the smaller jack plug charger altogether, and moved to USB based charging then instead… or at the very least, brought in USB charging when they moved devices from mini-usb for data, to micro-usb.

This would have helped avoid all of the many “multiple options” issues this now means we currently have.

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