Nokia Comes with Music should be coming to US in 2009

The Nokia news is coming a bit fast for a Friday and according to Ars Technica we WILL be seeing Nokia’s Comes with Music service in the United States in 2009! This is very good news and hopefully this also means that Nokia really is serious about getting their devices up and running, and fully supported, here in the U.S.


There is no date yet associated with the availability of the service, just “sometime in 2009”. The cost of Comes with Music is usually rolled into the device selling price, for different periods of service, but you do get access to unlimited tunes from your device. This service actually may lead to people updating their devices on a regular basis to keep the music playable and their subscription active, but I have to think there will be add-on subscription options eventually.


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February 28, 2009

Its a major aspect of the Ovi portal, it needs to be here before the N97 NAM.

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