Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming

Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is comingMy flight from Alaska back to Washington was delayed last night due to a problem with the wing and my first thought went to the Twilight Zone episode where the monster was tearing apart the wing as they flew. I then boarded another plane, fell asleep, and eventually made it home. When I landed I saw all of the Microsoft Nokia news and thought I might really be in a Twilight Zone show or I was still dreaming, but after jumping on Twitter I realized that my ultimate smartphone dream had come true.

I just posted my initial thoughts on the Nokia – Microsoft partnership on my ZDNet site and won’t repeat everything I wrote over there. As you know I am obviously a fan of Nokia smartphones and have been for years. You might also have picked up in my writing here that I am a Windows Phone 7 fan. I am probably one of the very few people in the world that have a love of both platforms and also quite a bit of usage of both under my belt. Needless to say, I am quite ecstatic about the news and think it will result in the best of both resulting in a product that easily competes and in many respects blows away the iOS and Android competition.

There is a great post on the Nokia Conversations site where Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop provide so strong words to support this partnership, including the following:

Together, we have some of the world’s most admired brands, including Windows, Office, Bing, Xbox Live, NAVTEQ and Nokia. We also have a shared understanding of what it takes to build and sustain a mobile ecosystem, which includes the entire experience from the device to the software to the applications, services and the marketplace.

Today, the battle is moving from one of mobile devices to one of mobile ecosystems, and our strengths here are complementary. Ecosystems thrive when they reach scale, when they are fueled by energy and innovation and when they provide benefits and value to each person or company who participates. This is what we are creating; this is our vision; this is the work we are driving from this day forward.

There are other mobile ecosystems. We will disrupt them.

There will be challenges. We will overcome them.

Success requires speed. We will be swift.

Together, we see the opportunity, and we have the will, the resources and the drive to succeed.

I LOVE everything they are saying here and like the specifically stated they do indeed need to be swift and get something out this year.

I wrote the following points as I see them from a user perspective:

  • All cameras in Microsoft’s smartphones have sucked, but Nokia rules the world with Carl Zeiss optics and imaging technology that rivals high end dedicated cameras
  • Nokia has the ONLY penta-band smartphones so it doesn’t matter who your GSM carrier is you can get 3G data support (this includes T-Mobile’s special 1700 MHz band)
  • Nokia brings hardware with aluminum colored bodies, Gorilla Glass, HDMI out, USB on-the-go, amazing RF reception and call quality, long battery life, and more
  • Windows Phone 7 is amazingly fast and responsive while also being unique
  • Windows Phone 7 is rock solid stable and after using it since July 2010 I can confirm it is the MOST stable mobile operating system I have ever used
  • Windows Phone 7 gaming rocks, Zune is fantastic, multiple Exchange support is solid, Office integration is great, and developers are building apps
  • Email on Symbian blows, but on Windows Phone 7 it absolutely rocks and I prefer to use my WP7 smartphone for email handling over even my Outlook desktop client
I know that die hard Nokia fans will likely react negatively to such a deal with Microsoft, but is that due to some kind of unfounded hatred for the Microsoft name? If you try Windows Phone 7 then you may change your mind. I know that Microsoft has stumbled in the past, as has Nokia. However, there are brilliant people at both companies and the potential for amazing success is there and can be realized through this partnership.

Is anyone else excited about this partnership like I am? Stay tuned for MUCH more of my writing here as I will have a platform that I am very excited about along with hardware that I love. We’ll see how it works out with WPCentral, but since there will still be other Windows Phone 7 makers and Nokia will still make non-WP7 devices we might see both sites remain as they are too.


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February 11, 2011

I am excited for some Nokia hardware with the lovely WP7. I hope they bring something amazing to the 2nd gen WP7 phone coming out later this year!

Peter Lindqvist
February 11, 2011

Sad people. Please…..

February 11, 2011

Matt, It was nice reading your blog post over the years but now that Nokia has done the unthinkable and teamed up with Microsoft I can no longer be a faithful fan. In turn I had hoped that blogs would be ripping this plan apart and in some cases they have. The fact that you embrace this change has caused me to unsubscribe from your blog and tweets. I left Microsoft 10 years ago because the company didn’t care about open source. I bought my 3rd Nokia the same year and began to see Nokia growing in a way that I supported. When the first Maemo device hit the market I was ecstatic, but alas I couldn’t afford it at the time. I kept with Symbian as it was great at the time. When Symbian went open source I was head over heals. When Symbian was reclosed I was discouraged, but by that time the N900 was my new device and I saw hope. I leave with my final thoughts no company other than Intel has made it big because of Microsoft and at that time I didn’t like Intel either. I am discouraged now to ever buy a Nokia again. Having a WP7 OS will be the complete end of Nokia. When they drop WP7 I’ll come back but now I sit with my N900 and wait for Aava Mobile or Intel to make the next phone I’ll purchase. Until then good luck with this site I was really liking it, but again I have an issue with Microsoft, they kill innovation and instead of creating it they buy it. Nokia used to be innovative not so much anymore.

Til WP7 is removed from Nokia nice knowing you, Stephen

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February 11, 2011

RIP Nokia……have only bought Nokias the past 15yrs! NO more, the N8 will be my last!

Looks like Android will benefit the most from this, stupidity….. HOW do scrapped the OS with the largest market share in favor of one with the smallest :o

All to chase the U.S. market!!! The Ovi store is #1 in China with a billion + ppl; but no you kill that to get into what a 300 million ppl market!?!

February 11, 2011

I actually like this idea, if they do it right. If they can truly merge the best that each have to offer they could quite a force to reckon with!

Everywhere I look, people are bashing this. Can people please just see what happens? If it’s a complete **** when it’s released, fine. How can you pass judgment on something that doesn’t exist!? Honestly, here in Boston, I have seen more Nokia phones and W7. I have to even use a W7 phone.

I welcome the merger and if it is a failure, so be it. They at least tried and can continue with Symbian and MeeGo.

February 11, 2011

“Nokia brings hardware with… USB on-the-go… long battery life…”

No, Symbian brought those things. Nokia are now reliant on Microsoft implementing them on their platform.

Sleeper Service
February 11, 2011

I’m in the same boat as Stephen. Your dream phone may be coming, but mine is effectively dead. Done with Nokia, and done with your Windows Phone blog here. So long and thanks for all the fish.

February 11, 2011

I’m disappointed. I understand why they’re doing it. After all, Palm did the same thing prior to releasing WebOS. Unfortunately, I’m now completely uninterested in Nokia. As an Android developer, I was gearing up to port my apps to MeeGo/Symbian via Qt. But now, I have no interest in Nokia at all. Don’t get me wrong; they need to do something right now. And their own product isn’t going to cut it at the moment. I suppose time will tell. On the flip side, Microsoft scored a major coup with this deal. Just by shear Nokia mindshare, I expect WP7 to push into double-digit territory.

Jose Angel
February 11, 2011

WP7 is a serious contender for the Corporate market, just lacked an serious support froma a major maker, now it has,

WP7 development and migration of apps is easier than to develope for iPhone and Android (95% more of windows apps run on .net and where coded on C#), with an huge base of source code ready to be migrated with minimal modifications, is an clear advantage over RIM/Java, Android/Java and Apple/ObjectiveC.

Now corporate Customers has an reriously backed alternative to modernize they mobile apps or to migrate some apps from their desktops to their phones (.net 4 on wp7 is almost the same as on wSeven, not as .netCF3.5 wich never co far coz it limited functionality) so not big effort to migrate desktop apps or older wm apps to wp7, this is an CREAL ADVANTAGE over MeeGO and Symbian.

The Big loser here is RIM, now RIM is forced to migrate BlackBerry to a modern programmer friendly platform, and they must doit quickly.

Dont be surprised if RIMs announce a similar move on next weeks, with WP7, Android or more likely with HP Pre.

February 11, 2011

I paid $600 for my Nokia N8 on the promise that Symbian was going to be supported for years to come.

They better give me the updates they promised for this year, so I have a reasonably more user friendly phone. It’s certainly lacking in some areas, even though I’m satisfied with the phone overall.

Now I can forget about apps, because what developer would design apps for dead ecosystem?

Long time Nokia supporter here, but my next phone will be either WebOS or Android. I like Microsoft on the desktop, but not interested in their mobile OS.

February 11, 2011

I still have until 2/18 to return my n8 to Amazon. After this announcement is there anyone out there that thinks I should hold on to it. Damn, I really loved the n8!

February 11, 2011

I think this “merger” kill the Symbian devices. When I had the Nokia N97, I had a high hope that they will constantly update the firmware to fixed all those bugs. But, I don’t think now they will put the same effort to develop Symbian^3 any longer. It will be killed any ways….

But seriously, do not judge WinPhone7 before you try it. Imagine that you have a very capable hardware (like Nokia N8 or E7) combined with a stable but simple OS (WinPhone 7) ??? I think it’s a great combination and a nice trade off. I still prefer WinPhone7 over iOS. I know Open Source is a great thing so let’s hope MeeGo will have a great future with Nokia.

February 11, 2011

This is a very sad day for me. I was so looking forward to the Nokia N9 and the joined up eco-system between it and symbian devices. I had hoped that today Nokia would announce that they had partnered with RIM or HP to bring QT to those devices.

What has happened instead is that Nokia has ripped out its heart and lost all dignity and jumped on to a second rate OS. It’s not that WP7 isn’t an awesome UI it is but a UI doesn’t make a smartphone OS and in many ways MS is not delivering on its promises to update quickly and add missing features.

I’m sure Nokia will be able to make great WP7 phones and that they will sell well in the US but I won’t be buying them.

I guess i’ll look and android though the thought disgusts me slightly

February 11, 2011

Another in the long line of stupid Microsoft decisions … then again I’m sure it was Elop (former MS employee – start your conspiracy theories) that approached MS.

Between this and the Kin will spell doom for Mr. Ballmer. Meh.

February 11, 2011

Well I’m new here, generally I go to TiPB and WPCenteral but came here from TiPB to check it out. First post I’ve read and I’m impressed. Personally I never would have considered a Nokia phone, I know people that use them and love them but I never saw the appeal. I do have a iPhone and a Samsung Focus, both of which I love although the WP7 phone is my favorite to use (except for the browser). I think it’s very short sided and close minded for people to start bitching about the change already when we haven’t seen a real product.

Then again if they want go to Android (which I also have but only use for testing as I hate it) so be it.

February 11, 2011

btw I always hated supporting Nokia devices as the software was always breaking things from one model to the next.

February 11, 2011

couldnt Agree with you anymore my dream phoen as well! love the wp7 os! love the Nokia harware! whats not to love! Come on people Symbian was a joke ok and everyone knows it ! Great move NOKIA !

February 11, 2011

I know it’s silly but I was hoping Nokia was partnering with Microsoft to buy T-Mobile USA. I feel so sad. I’ve loved the total control Nokia with Symbian has given me all these years. I’ve been able to do whatever I want with my phone with no carrier interference. Looks like those days are over.

February 11, 2011

Clearly there are strong opinions from each side. As @Red pointed out, this will allow Nokia to get a foothold in the U.S. But will this move alienate existing Symbian users across the planet? WP7 can’t do many of the things that Symbian does (although what it can do it does well). And with Android growing like a Sci-Fi monster that CAN right now do many of the things Symbian does, will the faithful who feel Nokia sold out give them a shot with an OS that only does “some” of what they’re used to or go with the juggernaut that does “most” of the things they’re used to doing? Personally, I think with the hardware Nokia produces, WebOS would be a killer combination. But considering Elop’s lineage, it’s not unexpected.

February 11, 2011

I am not happy about the merger. As some have pointed out, Microsoft will dictate the hardware platform, the one area where Nokia really excelled at! For example, Microsoft Phone 7 dictates 3 hard keys on the front of the phone, button for the camera, and this is the most disturbing, no user accessible micro SD slot!

I’m a microsoft man, software engineer that works almost exclusively with MS, MSDN subscriber, etc. I like Microsoft. This isn’t me being anti microsoft. This is me being against someone telling nokia what their hardware platform should be. I also don’t like going from a platform such as symbian to one where the user can’t do anything to it because it’s totally locked down. And finally, i don’t want to have to get all my phone apps from the Microsoft Marketplace. or the Nokia marketplace for that matter. Phones should be more like computers. you can get software from anyone you want, you can have many different hardware configurations, etc.

This merger in my opinion is the end to nokia! They sold out to be like everyone else, which in my opinion isn’t a good thing. And they did it for nothing. Their market share is not going to increase. They should have spent the effort to focus on the US market without getting into bed with Microsoft.

Damn them, best hardware around and now they’re going to be told by MS what they can and can’t do. The Nokia N8, the last great smartphone from nokia!

Henry Yao
February 11, 2011

I am disappointed. I want Meego. I don’t want to see Meego disappear or end up unsupported. Windows phone 7 can replace symbian for all I care, but not Meego. If Meeting is gone, Nokia lost me as a potential customer.

February 11, 2011

USB on the Go and HDMI out are functions that Symbian brought that WP7 doesn’t have as well as multi-tasking, cut/paste, SIP Voip Support, full bluetooth stack, IPSec VPNs, IMAP IDLE and loads of others.

WP7 at this point is missing so much once you get past the UI.

February 12, 2011

i’m not sure what to make of this union. i understand why they paired up but the one that confuse and frustrate me is the NAM market share. nokia practically have no market over here and ms have less than 5%.

Henry Yao
February 12, 2011

Did some more research. I wonder if Meego will go away. Pretty much CEO did not show any market share with Meego even though Nokia mentioned they would not kill Meego. I also read that 1,000 Nokia employee walked out after the announcement. Sounds like things are going to be rocky at Nokia for a while.

February 12, 2011

Good News for us .NET developers, bad news for Android Toy Makers, err I mean developers.

LOL too much drama here on your comment section fellow WP7 fan Mat..

February 12, 2011

For past 2 years i have been more of a Maemo and MeeGo fan than Nokia so i’m gutted. Sure Intel is still maintaining their position but my interest was in phones and Nokia was by far the main contributor there.

A bit confused about this really. I actually think WP7 has real change, it got better start than IOS or Android when those started and it really is missing one **** appealing phone hw imo.

Nokia got real change to bring something amazing and own the WP7 market, but in a same time i’m not personally happy with WP7 current limited state and the main reason stock went down like no day for Nokia was no doubt the “2011 and 2012″ will be transition year. Nokia has been transition for 3-4 years already… I don’t hate WP7 by no means but i wanna start seeing those products.

February 12, 2011

Elop is a Trojan Horse that is still getting huge checks from Ballmer. Elop just cutted off the rising Symbian^3 and the rising MeeGo to not compete with WP7. For Nokia and Europe is a very sad, sad day. Ballmer got Nokia for free using its right hand Elop. We cannot say Elop is a traitor for Nokia because he is still very close to M$.

***** NEWS *************

Nokia employees stage mass walkout to protest Microsoft agreement

More than 1,000 Nokia Corp. workers based in Finland have reportedly left their posts, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported late Friday.

The walkouts are believed to have been staged over concerns for the safety of their jobs, following the phone maker’s announced partnership with Microsoft Corp. on Thursday. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system is expected to replace Nokia’s own Symbian and MeeGo software in all future Nokia-made smartphones as a result of the deal.

Read more:

February 12, 2011

Can’t speak for others , but I will just have to hang on to my Nokia E71 for a while longer. No need to purchase the next Nokia phone. May have to start looking harder at Android. Basically a holding pattern for me.

February 12, 2011

Is Symbian still open source? Is it possible that Symbian could be saved, much like Linux is with a dedicated community who can evolve it in the direction we users want? Might be the only thing left to keep many of us current users.

February 12, 2011

Nokia USA CEO was replaced by a former MS exec. This really looks like a slow takover of nokia by MS. I wouldnt be surprised in the future if MS attempts to purchase Nokia. I’m not saying they should have gone with android (i’ll admit I would have preferred that). But I stayed with nokia for over 11 years because it was different, had great hardware and mainly it wasnt MS. I don’t need them being in every aspect of my technology lifestyle.

[...] Image courtesy of Nokia Experts [...]

February 13, 2011

Mr. Miller, what WP7 phone do you recommend trying for first time users.

February 13, 2011

or should i say what is the best WP7 phone out there? i have at&t

Matthew Miller
February 13, 2011

For AT&T I would say the Samsung Focus is probably the most appealing with a large, beautiful display and decent design. I am not a huge fan of all the plastic and find the HTC Surround to be a bit more solid feeling with gimmicky speakers.

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

February 14, 2011

Last night Nokia ran a commercial for the N8 during the Grammy Awards. I’ve never seen a Nokia ad in the US before and nearly fell off the couch. Very strange timing. Now they want to advertise Symbian phones in the US?

February 14, 2011

What a bunch of open-source WHINERS! Nokia is in business just like everyone else, they cannot afford anymore to use Symbian so you whiney developers can dink around with an unstable and archaic platform. They need to stay competitive and this was the best decision so they don’t get trampled by Google. Suck it up, move on, adapt if you really are human…..

February 14, 2011

I’m Sorry Matt,

I don’t get it, I’m a loyal Nokia fan, I was regular reader of your site. I was really serially considering to buy a N8 (I even did go to the store to play with it … 480 Euro’s for the silver-grey one ) So I did wait for the first N8 update, the update was below zero ( even with the nice beta lab programs .. ) not good since… oke I waited for Mobile world to see the N9 + meego device..

BIG DISAPPOINTMENT Oooooo no no We will now switch to windows … DOOOO. If you look @ the video-conference is was more a video-conference of Microsoft than about Nokia. Count how many times Nokia vs microsoft is … Incredible and they even didn’t present one concrete wp7 nokia phone,

man man man. How stupid you can be in the marketing department Jezus …

But back at my little person . Windows mobile Nope. That is for me a brides to for. I will switch to Apple and the there iphone. I will even prefere to sync with Itunes and dear Religions way of doing stuff BUT they are at-least Original as Nokia used to be…

You can see a very big disappointment in the die hard fans of Nokia. really a very sad day pfff

February 14, 2011

@trenda that was my thought exactly…after all this microsoft press and this really gotta be kidding me…might as well throw more salt on the wound.

WP7+Nokia=) I am making a guess here but the thought is you are a Microsoft fan so way to be original..if you like the OS so much fine, but being a nokia fan was not just about the hardware it was the full system bottom to top, real engineering and innovation. Every single feature Apple and Android claimed as a first were done 5 years ago by Nokia. That includes you fabled WP7 which is still not true multitasking and failed the copy paste function, something my first Symbian device did in 2005. So it’s not whining and if you can’t handle the idea that people would be pissed how would you feel if Microsoft suddenly said we are gonna give everything to OSX (you probably don’t know linux) you think die hard fans would glorify the decision?

Rafael Roque
February 15, 2011

I don’t care what Elop thinks is right for Nokia… Bottom line is that Nokia is no longer Nokia and if they continue their relationship with Microsoft; pretty soon Microsoft will own Nokia completely. So how can anyone think this partnership is essential to Nokia’s survival?!? That’s like saying that Pepsi start using Coke’s formula to survive market conditions. No, that just means that Coke found a way to eliminate Pepsi and another alternative choice for the people to buy!

[...] Nokia and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, my dream phone is coming [...]

February 15, 2011

I really want for them to bring out the new phones quickly. With all the software from Microsoft and Nokia hardware it should be stellar! I’m sorry for all the developers of Symbian and such, but still… It’s sad to see people so angry just because it’s Microsoft. I checked out some videos of the WP7 platform and it seems like a great piece of software. The features it’s lacking right now have already been announced and are going to be added soon, which means they’ll most likely be in the first Nokia WP7 phone that will probably be released at the end of this year or the beginning of the next (the earlier the better).

February 16, 2011

Will the N8 possibly see the Microsoft OS as an upgrade or will Nokia and Microsoft build a new phone from the ground up? This looks promising; this coming from an old Nokia user turned Android fan :)

February 18, 2011

There are a lot of comments that sound like “the sky is falling!” Let’s wait and see the products first before we declare them a failure.

February 19, 2011

The comments are hilarious here, mind you its the typical narrow minded “ms is evil! They have lots of money they add nothing and just buy! They are tyrants! Blah blah blah”

Do you people even listen to yourself? Lol follow the leader internet sheep… Hate on the top/popular.

I own an iPhone 4, an Android and work for BlackBerry and I can honestly say my wp7 is the best modern device I ever owned, yeah it is missing some features that are mind blowing that it doesnt have BUT they are coming and if you haven’t used a wp7 device you really dont know what others are talking about.

owned a ton of nokias phones back and the day and it was odd to see someone without a Nokia or motorola… I for one am exciting Nokia will be relevant again

February 21, 2011

Nokia phone overall experience is not good compare to Iphones & Android. I hope Nokia with WP7 or WP8 would change that. But in the other hand microsoft has a tendency to do things according to they own agenda.. i m not very convince with the microsoft part there.

February 26, 2011

Thanks! Forgot to check back. I will see if I can find a cheap Focus around here in NOVA so I can start getting used to it. And maybe just maybe we will get the n9 with wp7 on it by the end of the year. Hate the merger but just like I will always be a Redskin and Wizards fan, I will always be a Nokia fan no matter what.

July 17, 2011

i think that nokia should do atleast one Win7 phone and one Android Phone :D .. but stick whit Linux. make a new version of the n900!

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