Nokia Messaging is enhanced for the Nokia N8

Nokia Messaging is enhanced for the Nokia N8I put together the Nokia Messaging reference guide to try to help you understand the different clients available for S60 and I am an avid user of Nokia Messaging for Email on the Nokia E73 Mode and N97 mini. As you know I pre-ordered my Nokia N8 and actually keep scouring the Internet trying to find any that might be available to purchase sooner and am currently quite obsessed with my desire for a Nokia N8. Thus, I was pleased to read Davis Fields’ article on how Nokia Messaging will function on the N8 and my desire for one is even stronger now.

There are several enhanced features that will be supported on the N8 that are actually now available on the C6 device, but I don’t have one of those to check it out on. Check out the video below and the full list of improved features coming to the Nokia N8.

With a functional email experience, outstanding camera, and more I think I will be quite happy with the N8 when it arrives.


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August 17, 2010

In the past, when forwarding an email, it was sent as an attachment. On the iOS, when forwarding an email, it does it in full HTML so the other party does not know if it was sent from a mobile device or desktop!
Can you please advise how email forwarding is on Nokia N8 (symbian^3). This would be a deal breaker for me as I spend a lot of time out of the office and forward emails and I do not want people to know if I am mobile or not.


August 18, 2010


I tried posting this using the email form but could not be sure if it went through so forgive any duplication.

Will the N8 use existing S60 3rd or 5th edition software or will it require all new software.

I am at a critical juncture moving from an E71 to another device. I am experimenting with an iPhone 3G and want to check out Android and the N8 when available.

It would be great to not have to purchase a whole selection of Nokia software if I went with the N8.



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