Is a Nokia Internet Tablet coming soon to T-Mobile USA?

Is a Nokia Internet Tablet coming soon to T-Mobile USA?From time-to-time I use my Nokia N810 and really do think it is a solid piece of hardware with some cool functionality. However, it often seems to lag when working with email or web browsing and it seems that the processor needs a major bump or else the OS needs more optimization. MobileCrunch posted rumored details of a possible Nokia N900 follow-up to the N810 Internet Tablet. The N900 (aka Rover or Maemo Flagship) looks similar to the Nokia N97 with many of the same specifications. The main differences are the use of an 800×480 touchscreen display and Maemo 5 operating system.

The rumored specs indicate the N900 has an OMAP3430 500/600 MHz processor, quad-band GSM and HSPA support, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 32GB internal storage and removable memory, and integrated GPS receiver.

I was particularly interested in hearing it may even come to T-Mobile USA in August/September 2009. Given that T-Mobile is one carrier that seems interested in new technologies and trying out different things (Google Android, UMA, T-Mobile HotSpot @Home) I can see them marketing it as a couch surfing tool or mobile web browser to use at T-Mobile HotSpots.

Do any readers here use a Nokia Internet Tablet? Are you interested in another device in the series?


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Tim Cooper
May 25, 2009

I have my N810 on the right now. I tried, hard, to get ‘into it’ for the last 3-4 months, but just couldn’t. There was nothing (except screen size) that my E90 didn’t already do, better.

From a post of mine on HoFo:

[quote]The downside of the NITs is that they can be hard work to get the apps working. While it’s true that there are quite a few apps available, a lot of them are ‘home brew’, not professionally made. So although they ‘work’ they are not as finished or polished as you’d expect if you are used to ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

For example. As S60 (3rd) users we have several options for GPS apps. Tomtom, GarminXT, Google maps, Nokia maps, McGuider, Route 66, Co-Pilot, Viewranger, etc.

The NITs have only 2 GPS apps. Maemo Mapper, and Navit. In both cases you have to put in loads of effort to get them to work as real turn by turn GPS apps. With Navit you have to manually find and install maps formatted to work with the app,there are no packaged maps available. Maemo Mapper downloads the maps ‘on the fly’ as you travel around, requiring an always on tether through your phone, which kills both your phone battery and the NITs. The only way round this is to load the area you will be travelling before you leave home (and your Wi-Fi router) by scrolling around that area at different zoom levels on the NIT and allowing those maps to load. A PITA!

On a more positive note the NITs make AWESOME PMP’s. Use Nokia’s Internet Tablet video converter to run your movies through, then stick them on the SD card. They play very nicely. NIT media apps like Canola2 and Mediabox can display album art so you can finger scroll through your music, podcasts (yes, like the J-phone…). The NITs are a fraction of the cost of an Archos, and play most formats (as long as they are resized for NIT).[/quote]

I like the form factor of the N810, and the spec on this possible replacement sounds great. But, they (Nokia) had better have the kind of finished, polished apps you’d expect to see on our existing S60 phones. Maemo just doesn’t have them, yet.

Brad Barbaza
May 26, 2009

I own a Nokia 770 internet tablet. The last thing I used it for was to research my last phone purchase. After that, the Nokia E71 took over for web use. I do miss the screen size, but with RSS, that’s not as important for what I do. It’s just SO nice having email, txt, address book, calendar and a phone all in one package.

The 770 choked on some web pages too and would freeze from time to time. Email was horrible on it too.

I’m sure the new ones are much better, but I think it’d be easier to find a phone with a slightly better web experience than it would be to build an internet tablet that can do all of the things my phone can.

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