Nokia is really serious about helping North American developers

I may have been kidding around a bit in my earlier post when I said I might want to register for the CTIA Developer Day to try to get a Nokia N8, but as I look at the Calling All Innovators, North America events and training page I am seriously thinking about the opportunities of developing for Symbian. Nokia is having some major training events with Mobile Monday and Qt training events being held right here in the Seattle area. I haven’t programmed anything in years, but understand I need to bone up on C++ first so I may pick up a few books and get cracking since I do have some ideas for apps I would like to see on the N8 and future Symbian devices.

The possibility of winning thousands of dollars by developing good apps is also a valid reason for considering development for Symbian. If Nokia can get someone like me excited about the opportunities, I think they may generate some excitement for these events in the developer community as well.


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Michael Hell
September 23, 2010

it sure feels good to see that Nokia FINALLY gets active and working in the US. looks very tempting for you guys, so I’d say take the chance and participate!

September 23, 2010

C++ is certainly good, but Nokia is also probably interested in stimulating development with QML and WRT… They even had a contest the other day that you were required to develop with Flash Light or something like that.

September 23, 2010

With Nokia saying that they will be concentrating on MeeGo based devices to compete with iOS and Android in the future, maybe you should wait and develop for these devices. Symbian will still be good but we need to wait and see how many Symbian devices make it to the US market before Nokia pushes ahead with MeeGo at full throttle.

But then, if you develop for Symbian, you still do have a whole lot of users from outside North America who may be willing to buy apps. I find that most good apps in Ovi Store are quite expensive ($5 – $10). If you can make an attractive app for about $1 or $2, you might be able to make a killing by sheer volume of sales!

Matthew Miller
September 23, 2010

I was actually thinking of Qt since that should allow you to develop across the Symbian and MeeGo platforms, right? It seems to me that Nokia is trying hard to make sure developers are well supported with Symbian and MeeGo so both look to be good choices for development.

Jason Black
September 23, 2010

Matt – YES, Qt would be a good choice, since it does allow for x-platform development work. Go for it – and good luck with your ideas in the contest!

PS – lots of good info about Qt can be found on the Forum Nokia website. (

September 23, 2010

Ok this is really getting annoying everything post about Nokias new position with north America, and that they offered this developer thing to get notice in North America. Um hello, last time I checked Canada made up about 50% of North America and we are not included in the release of any of the new products or this North American developers challenge. It’s a total lie, it’s not a North American challenge it’s a American challenge. It’s getting beyond iritating.

Sleeper Service
September 24, 2010

Um hello, last time I checked Canada made up about 50% of North America and we are not included in the release of any of the new products or this North American developers challenge.

Canada makes up a huge chunk of North America’s land mass, but less than 10% of its population. There are fewer people in Canada than there are in California. It would be nice if we weren’t so frequently overlooked, but try not to say stupid things when entering the discussion. On top of that, following the link up above shows that there are Qt developer events in Toronto and Vancouver, and that only Quebec is excluded from the contest, likely because of Quebec provincial laws that tend to cause problems for companies that hold national and international contests. So calm the hell down.

September 24, 2010

Hi everybody

I m really excited to read about nokia news since I’m here in America (less than 1year) for more than reason.

The most exciting thing about Nokia here “in north America” is its weak position in the mobile market while it is the leader world wide. and its not because Nokia device are behind the mobile technology or it needs good developers to make attractive apps but main problem is about marketing.

Blackberry and iPhone are on top of the podium because they know how to attract the consumer in America. and they gain the world wide market after the success in the North America targeting only the North American market. they don’t even target all countries at the beginning

A lot of people don’t know much about Nokia Devices and they think that it dont make smart phones or they their phones are difficult to use.

Now nokia market share dont pass 8% in US but it made a good step deciding few week ago to oust its CEO and name a North American replacement: Microsoft’s Stephen Elop. few days before enveiled their new smart fones N8 and E7

Now i can see a better future in the US market after they wise that they nead a silicon valley manager

February 25, 2011

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