Nokia Experts N900 meetup on 6 Nov in Tacoma, WA

This week Nokia held official N900 meetups around the world, including at the Chicago and New York Flagship stores. Unfortunately, there is no Flagship store here in the Seattle area so I was unable to attend, but I am going to bring a meetup to you here in Western Washington. Are you enjoying all my coverage of the Nokia N900? Would you like to touch and feel the device yourself? How about seeing a lineup of the Nokia N800 and N810, along with a few other Nokia devices like the N97, N96, N93, N81 8GB? Thanks to the folks at Nokia WOM World we are having a local meetup in Tacoma, Washington at the Round Table Pizza just off of I-5 between Tacoma and Lakewood on Friday, 6 November between 6:30 and 9:00 pm. I’ll give a demo of the N900 on a projector using the TV-out functionality on the device and then let people ask questions and enjoy the evening getting hands-on time with the device.Nokia Experts N900 meetup on 6 Nov in Tacoma, WA

There was a similar grass-roots effort meetup held in San Francisco last night and hopefully we will see more of these around the country. The N900 really is a fantastic device and I like this eval unit so much I pre-ordered my own for $550 and can’t wait for the official launch when developers have had even more time to create applications and refine the experience.

FYI, Nokia is supporting the event so I will be having pizza and soda provided in the meeting room at the restaurant. Sorry, I’ve decided to skip the beer this time and keep this an alcohol-free venue so I can focus on sharing my devices and experiences rather than worrying about people drinking too much and testing the durability of my devices;) If you are planning to come to this local Tacoma-area meetup, please visit the Nokia Experts Facebook Group site and RSVP so I can figure out how many people may show up. If we get a crazy response we may have to limit attendees (there is room for 30), but we’ll see how much interest we have in the Tacoma area. I plan to use this Group to post photos of the event and share other details so please become a Nokia Experts Facebook Fan.


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Daniel Marsh
October 30, 2009

I would like to come, but don’t use Facebook, so +1 your RSVP list. I can bring a n800 and N810 and might be able to find my 770 in the closet somewhere. I never throw anything out and have a virtual museum of PDA/gadgets going back to Pilot 5000 & Newton days.

I keep seeing speculation that the N900 may be released as soon as next week. Maybe with 1 day shipping from Amazon a few of us will have N900’s to bring as well (knock on imitation wood desk).

Matthew Miller
October 31, 2009

Thanks Daniel. Anyone can respond in these comments too and that is just fine. I hope we can get at least a few people in the area to come out for free pizza and some hands-on time with the N900 so tell people you know who live in the area please.

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November 2, 2009

Yeah I will be coming out, I was worried there wasn’t going to be on here close to me. Thank God!!! I need this phone like fat kids need cake!!!

I hope Tmobile listens!!!

BTW: I will be bringing 2 people with me.

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November 2, 2009

Hi Matthew, I love the web site. I am planning on buying this great unit n900. I always use, but you said you pre-ordered one for $550. which site did you use? I also have couple questions, if you can answer please. Can I install msn messanger and google maps? I use both a lot.Dont care about the ovi map so much. Another question, I have just regular gmail and bellsouth email accounts that I would like to use on my phone. I do not have a exchange account.we own our business. we never use mail exchange.can I use the nokia email messaging as I am now using it on my n958gb? thank you in advance. I wish I was there to attend the meeting. I am in Orlando, FL. I will be checking your web site out every day for any updates.
Kaan Orer

Axel Cortez
November 2, 2009

Hi from Venezuela, avid reader not much of a writer here, love this initiative from you :)

hope you guys have fun with the n900, and i hope there is a decent live messenger app integrated like gtalk into the contact list.

another thing i would like to see is a car dyno app like there is in the iphone, and some real apps from ovi store.

November 5, 2009

Hi Matt,

I’ve got a couple of questions about the powerhouse N900. I was totally convinced to get a WinMo device but since yesterday I’ve read so many good things about the N900, including of course your excellent articles, I’m considering it.

  1. I’ve seen it’s possible to use the front facing cam for Google talk between the N900 and an N8x0. My question is, is it possible to do so between the N900 and a pc or Mac? Or is it only between Nokia N-devices?

  2. Is the calendar syncable in relation to a computer, or a web version?

  3. The N900 has a resistive screen and can be used with a stylus. Is there any handwriting recognition software available, such as there is for WinMo?

  4. It’s got assisted GPS with maps. How about a shoot out between the N900 and, say a HTC HD2 with Garmin XT mobile?


Michael Heinrich
November 5, 2009

Hello Matt,

Got room for one more?

Just found the site! Glad to hear that others here in Washington are panting over the N900!

Coming from Redmond area so might be a little late with traffic and all but will definitely be there!


Matthew Miller
November 5, 2009

Come on down. The count looks to be about 10 or so and I have 5 or 6 things to giveaway (not the N900) so the odds are good.

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