Nokia Email, RoadSync 4, and Nokia Maps 2.0 work on the AT&T Nokia E71x!

My adventures continue with the Nokia E71x. I emailed the Nokia Email team directly to find out about support for the E71x and was very pleased to hear they have it running just fine on their E71x device. I was told to go to the Nokia Email website from a PC and after logging into my account have the SMS link sent to my E71x. I previously tried to go to this site on my device and went through the steps to install, which is where I was unsuccessful. I am ELATED to tell you that Nokia Email does work on the E71x when you go to the website and use the SMS link method to install. This provisioning file is important to the setup and I am getting more and more pleased with my E71x every hour.


I also decided to try out and install RoadSync version 4 and am again pleased to tell you that the Exchange client works like a champ with HTML email support and MUCH more. I plan to post a review on this software this week as well.

At the request of a reader I tried to install Nokia Maps 2.0 on the E71x. This makes a lot of sense and I should have tried it right away since this will give you the ability to use the E71x with GPS and maps without having a data connection. I have done this a few times in foreign countries by preloading the maps on my device. Unfortunately, the E71 install link gives you an upgrade install file and when you attempt to install it you get an error stating that the base program is needed. I am going through trying to find the base install file, but have been unsuccessful so far. If any readers have a clue where I can find this base install file, please feel free to send it along. If I get this figured out I will also post it here for you all.

OK, after downloading and attempting to install Nokia Maps 2.0 several times, I found a client that works. Go to the Nokia Maps site and find and select the install file for the Nokia 6650 Fold (should download a file named Nokia _Maps_2.0_0701_3.2_u.sis) . I was able to launch Nokia Maps and get connected and a GPS fix in a few seconds. Here are a couple of tips for navigating in Nokia Maps 2.0 for the E71x since the * and # keys do not control the zoom like they should:

  • Use the backspace button to zoom out
  • Use the shift key to zoom in

I may try the Nokia Maps 3.0 beta version (available on Nokia Beta Labs), but this version is still quite buggy and may crash the device so I might hold off for a while on this trial.


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Pankaj Lunker
May 19, 2009


Did you install Nokia email?


May 19, 2009

the exchange e-mail yes. it was working fine and then i accidentally made an express e-mail account too and when i tried to delete it more stuff went wrong and now random blank mailboxes pop up. and i still wanna get rid of the express e-mail account so that i only have the working exchange account and no blank boxes.

May 20, 2009

KP and Pankaj Lunker,

I never figured out how to get rid of the blank mailboxes so I just took it back to AT&T and exchanged it for a new device (they have a 30-day no questions exchange policy).

The problem was I tried to install the Nokia Email program without using the SMS link, I downloaded the file and attempted to install it manually.

Sorry that this is no help.

May 20, 2009

o ok thanks. i guess i’ll just do that then. it’s a real pain to have 30 or so blank boxes to scroll through :(

[…] written about how to get Nokia Maps 2.0 up and running on your Nokia E71x and hope you have been successful. Today Nokia announced further […]

May 22, 2009

To get Nokia Maps to install just select any of the phones that list Nokia Maps 1.0 beside the phone, the 6650 Fold now lists Nokia Maps 2.0. I downloaded from the E61 and it installed fine.

May 24, 2009

I am unable to get Nokia Maps version 2.0 or 3.0 installed in my E71x. Also, it looks like Nokia took down the 2.007013.2_u.sis version of the app, and I am unable to get beyond version 1.0 with the current 2.0 version on the Nokia Maps site.


May 24, 2009

Just found it! It is under E75. That “_0701” version for the E71 will update Maps from 1.0 to 2.0 on the E71x

May 27, 2009

Use the installs I’ve uploaded here for Nokia maps..

first install 2.0, then install 3.0. works for me from a hard reset.

as for the blank email folders, I think I know what causes it.. It’s when you have both xpress mail AND nokia messaging and try to make more email accounts. I think the problem is the programs conflict and you end up creating an email account that’s not a part of either app.. so there’s no way to delete it.

a hard reset cleared them for me though.

June 1, 2009

I installed the Map Loader on my phone but all it does is flash the message “Waiting for device”. I’ve had the phone for 8 days now and I think it’s kind of buggy on a lot of things.

June 2, 2009

I installed Nokia Email right on the phone by going to Initially, I got alot of these blank folders like some of you did but they seem to clear up over time. I also restart my phone but not sure if that helped. Right now, I am only down to one blank folder, below my yahoo and gmail folder. I guess I can live with that.

July 2, 2009

Load the Nokia Map 2 update to Nokia Map 3, but I cant download the maps using the maps loder, I get an error while loading catalogue for E71x.

Any idea?

July 3, 2009

i can’t find software with file name Nokia Maps2.007013.2_u.sis could you be able to send me the link from where i can download?
Quich reply will be much appreciated?

July 7, 2009

DO NOT ISNTALL NOKIA MAIL TO YOUR E71X. I just installed it and got the same problem of having the empty folders. Others have also had the problem of not being able to send emails. I had to COMPLETELY reset my phone. I called AT&T and they said it’s not compatible because the phone is wired to send email through Express email or that other one the phone is installed with. It cannot recognize the Nokia Messaging.

But Nokia Maps works BEAUTIFULLY :)

Matthew Miller
July 8, 2009

Sorry to hear so many people are getting this folder error :(

I have been using Nokia Email on my E71x for a while now and have NONE of these folder issues. If you use Gmail you can try the Java client or just use the Express Mail client (which I understand is from 7 and actually a fairly decent client).

Tim R.
July 8, 2009

I installed Nokia Messaging via the SMS, it works great. The key is NOT to use the “email setup” icon (it makes your phone access email like express mail, in the SMS area and adds ghost folders), just click on the “@” that says just “email”. Brings up a really nice GUI interface for email where you can add various email accounts. And you will still be alerted if you have new emails, and can pick between text or html based view of emails.

My one question is what access point should I use, found under Settings–>Service Info–>Access Point. It defaults to AT&T MMS, but there is a host of other options to include, proxyless, default (not sure about that one) MEdiaNet, and WLAN. I was just wondering if I would get faster pushes with MEdiaNet than with AT&T MMS. Any thoughts?

July 16, 2009

I somehow ended up with the ‘ghost’ folders in my E71x messaging area when I tried to add a new email account to my Nokia Email. When it did not work correctly in Nokia Email, it somehow threw me into the Express Mail setup. I have two addresses working fine under Nokia Email. I can’t get rid of the email account under Messaging, nor can I get rid of the ghost space underneath. Sometimes more ‘ghost’ spaces appear, then disappear later. Any ideas on how to uninstall an email account under Express Mail… and how to get rid of the ghost folders? It seems like others are having the same problem.

Rick Brown
July 19, 2009

I installed Nokia email about a month ago, and had two email accounts set up as described by Tim R., with the good GUI interface.

A few days ago, Nokia email started asking me log in, asking for a password and offering a drop-down list of access points. I have no idea what password it’s looking for. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and not only do I continue to have the password problem but after the reinstall I inadvertently set up (redundant) email boxes under the messaging folder as described by PerdidoDad. I guess I can give up on Nokia email and uninstall it for good, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the extra mailboxes.

Any suggestions?

July 19, 2009

Ok, I have Maps 2.0 running, but don’t have any background. How do I load map imageas and where do I get them, if I don’t have a data plan?

July 19, 2009

To Rick Brown. Today I tried to install nokia email. When I was given the option to install I am unsure if it started automatically or I chose the email setup icon, but once it was installed and set up I to had the ghost boxes, which would vary in number. I did a hard reset and got everything back to how it was, it took care of the ghost boxes. I then redownloaded nokia email, but I have not installed it again because it will not allow me to choose the option of the email icon, it will automatically run when I restart my phone, but I have nervous it could be the wrong option and I really do not want to hard reset the phone again. Hope this helps.

Rick Brown
July 20, 2009

Thanks Jacob. For anyone else encountering the problem with Nokia email newly asking for a password, the solution (more or less) can be found at

July 30, 2009

How does Nokia/Ovi maps compare to Google Maps? Do some of you have both? Thanks in advance!

July 30, 2009

I installed the Nokia Email application, and it works great. But then i got an email from Nokia saying that they are going to charge me after the trial period is over. on their website they didn’t even mention that this application is not free. Does anybody know a similar FREE application for Nokia e71x?

August 2, 2009

Does anyone know of a decent free notepad with password protection for the E71x? I have “Free Secure Wallet” which does the job but is limited to few lines (~30).

August 15, 2009

Matt- I am also unable to install Nokia Maps on my e71x. I’ve tried downloading the v1 install files as you suggested, but they don’t have a v1 file for S60 3.2 and that’s probably why they don’t install. I also tried the v2 file by selecting the 6650 fold, and that won’t install either (saying I need the base file). Any final thoughts?

August 28, 2009

are you still able to install maps on E71x? I can’t when i followed your instructions. Could not find Nokia Maps 2.0 on the nokia site.

please help


August 29, 2009

I had fought with trying to load Maps for about 4 hours last night. I kept getting an error stating “Cannot install. Load base file first”. I finally tried NokiaMaps1.20702s603.0 first (was for E61). That loaded ok but would not run. I then loaded NokiaMaps2.045033.1u (for E71). This also would not run. I ran Nokia Maps Updater and it loaded 3.0 and it is now working. Got a GPS fix.

August 29, 2009

I have the same concerns as Inna – is Nokia Ovi mail free or “free” (trial)?

August 31, 2009

Has any had success getting Nokia Podcasting to work?? I downloaded and installed but it won’t open. I really liked this feature on my E63. Any ideas?

September 5, 2009

loaded Nokia email on my E71x, how do i get it the heck off my phone? every so often i get 30 ghost boxes, couple question marks, eesh….

September 15, 2009

Can somebody please answer this?
Does E71x can do push email on Wifi – I mean without data plan?

I know it can connect to internet using Wifi without data plan but I am not sure push email works without data plan.

Thank You

November 23, 2009

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

December 7, 2009

Ive been having problems with my yahoo messenger.. I tried to reset my phone but I dont remember my LOCK that it asks for.. I dont know what to do!

December 29, 2010

my best phone in life is e71x

February 11, 2011

Google maps when downloaded to the phone also utilizes the GPS chip for free and you can also download opera mobile which runs much nicer than the old media net.

July 6, 2011

this might be asking a lot, but i just need to send videos and still pictures of property (real estate), i’ve been using a camera and then overnighting and it gets expensive and then i found out i could do it on the e71x, but i can’t make it work, the maps your talking about wouldn’t be bad either since i’m on the road a lot, so could someone be kind enough to give me blow by blow instructions how to set up my email and enlarge the sending capacity if possible. thanks donn

July 13, 2011

Nokia Maps 3.01 works on the E71x also. The Nokia 6650 flip download functions very good.

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