Nokia 3.2 megapixel comparison with the E71, E75 and 5800

I really enjoy using my Nokia E71, but I NEVER use the camera because the purple tint is so bad. However, it does look like the last firmware update may have corrected some of the severe purple tint issues as you can see in looking at the first photo compared to the others in the E71 section. As you know I have been using the E75 since last Thursday and took a couple of photos around my yard yesterday with the E75, E71, and Nokia 5800. All three of these have 3.2 megapixel cameras, while the 5800 has the additional Carl Zeiss optics support. You may be a bit surprised by the image quality (reduced only in size with no manipulation or corrections applied) of the three devices shown below.

I think you will agree that the E75 camera may be just a bit better than the 5800 and both are better than the E71. Considering the inside images (fireplace and office photos) I think the E75 is best of the three cameras, from a consumer point of view. I am not a photo expert and judge my photos by their overall appearance and color. While having a camera is not the main reason for using a device, it is very helpful for me since I have three daughters involved in lots of activities and a phone is always with me while a dedicated camera is not.

The E75 also capture VGA quality (640×480) video at 30 frames per second so it is a decent video camera too. I took a couple short videos last night and was very surprised with the high quality output. I will try to take some video this weekend and post on here soon so you can see the quality for yourself. With the solid camera performance and outstanding Nokia Messaging 2.0 client on the E75, I think my E71 may be relegated to the drawer for a while.


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Ricky Cadden
April 14, 2009

I agree that the E75 cam is better than both the 5800 and E71, but unfortunately, it takes mine at least 8 full seconds to launch the camera with the camera button. I have to hold that thing down FOREVER, and then another 3 seconds to take the photo, and an additional 5 to ‘process’ it. Are you experiencing such slow performance on your E75, too?

Matthew Miller
April 14, 2009

Nope, nothing that timely. It takes about 2.5 seconds of pressing the camera button to launch the camera. Then I hold the button down halfway to zoom (takes about a second) then I take the photo instantly. It then takes just under 3 seconds to process it. We may have different firmware on these pre-production devices, huh?

David Keppler
April 14, 2009

There is something very wrong with that E71 steps picture, shame you didnt take the same snap with the others to compare. My E71 gives better results than that, but also your other E71 shots look okay. Strange.

Matthew Miller
April 14, 2009

David, as I pointed out that steps photo was taken last fall before I updated my E71. I need to go back and take it again with all three and post the results. I found this one after the fact and wanted to post it.

Ricky Cadden
April 14, 2009

Yes, that’s weird. I have an 8-second delay on my camera button, both with v100.48.58 (pre-production) and with v100.48.78 (confirmed to be the final sales firmware). There is a v110 firmware out there on a few review handsets, but it’s not available through NSU, and I confirmed that the final production models are not shipping with that firmware, which is frustrating.

[…] What do the E71, E75 and 5800 all have in common? Well lots of things actually, but one feature they all share is a 3.2 megapixel camera, and Matthew over at Nokia Experts has been finding out which is best. […]

Matthew Miller
April 15, 2009

FYI, turns out after talking with Ricky that I have a later firmware on the E75 unit I am evaluating. I can tell you that the camera software is as fast as I stated above and seems to blow away the performance Ricky is seeing with the camera. I sure hope this is the firmware we will see with the E75 that ships here in the USA.

I don’t quite understand why the shipping units don’t have this firmware and hope Nokia is able to update them quickly because it sounds like the camera experience is lame in that firmware version.

April 16, 2009

wow … Interesting about the firmwares. I can’t wait for the NAM to officially drop!!

faiz khan
April 22, 2009

hi guys.. im really new to this whole thing and am condsidering buying either the e71 or the 5800.. i want a phone that will last me atleast 2 yrs.. therefore i am a bit hesitant to buying the 5800 because of it being the first touch.. and cuz the e71 is more practical.. what do u guys say

May 13, 2009

e71 f/w 210 makes a huge difference to the pic quality as well as writing the images to memory.

Ralph Doncaster
May 17, 2009

Matthew: good work on the comparison. Was the E71 running v200?
John, you’re the 2nd person to say the 210 firmware improves the photo quality. Still doesn’t seem to be out for NAM product codes yet. The faster image saving is interesting. Is that with a hi-speed 50Mhz card or normal 25Mhz card? I think the earlier firmware didn’t properly handle the 50Mhz timings.

June 8, 2009

hey everyone! i want to ask u guys if nokia 5800 does have a nice camera quality? tell me the disadvantages of it, i might buy one this june 11 so i want to know first if i wont regret buying it.

Miss Amis
June 10, 2009

my E75 is better than my brothers’ E71. Definately a must have- if you dont have one … yet!

March 4, 2010

Hey :)
I need to buy a new phone.
And I’m really confused between the Nokia E75 and E71.
Which is better?
Including Camera quality and Good Music quality.
Could you please help me out?

Thanks 😀

March 4, 2010

Stephanie, the E71 camera was improved with the latest firmware, but I still think the E75 has the better camera. Both are about the same for music quality. It really comes down to a preference with the always available QWERTY or slide-out QWERTY.

May 27, 2010

Hi, im also choosing between the nokia e75 and e71. im leaning toward the e75 but the battery life is much shorter than the e71. is it worth it? im definitely confused right now. please help!

June 17, 2010

hey i am confused between corby pro and nokia 5800, i am looking for a phone with good camera and sound!! can anyone suggest which is better and what other options i can go for?? my budget is 10k.

August 30, 2011

Hello,i have question,,,nokia,,, e63 has only 2 Mpx,,,can i exchange for 3.2 Mpx camera? Both are nokias…Another phone is nokia 6303ci/3.2 Mpx…I would like to take of 3.2 Mpx and put in to Nokia e63 exchange is possible ? Many thankx …Andy

October 29, 2011

alguien me puede decir cual es el movil q tiene 3.2 megapixel , q s de abrir y cerrar y q los hay negro rosa y plata?? si alguien lo sabe porfavor q lo digaa

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