Nokia E73 Mode, working and playing at the beach

A few weeks ago Nokia held a small event in California where they invited some people over for a beach party. At first I couldn’t figure out why so many of the attendees were in suits and then I realized Nokia was trying to show how the E73 Mode can be used for both work and play with the different modes. I honestly find the E73 Mode to be a fantastic device and keep going back to it as my daily driver with T-Mobile.

I admit it was a bit scary watching the people in the video in kayaks and on personal watercraft tooling around with the E73 Mode in hand and I sure hope no one dropped the device in the water during the event. Then again, the E73 Mode is so rock solid it could probably survive such a dip.


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Al Pavangkanan
September 23, 2010

The photographer did fall in the water while kayaking. Amazingly, he managed to keep his camera out of the water.

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September 23, 2010

I still want one of these. I liked my E72…

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