Nokia E73 Mode is my daily driver, even in a world of amazing devices

Nokia E73 Mode is my daily driver, even in a world of amazing devicesAs part of my ZDNet writing I have been playing with a LOT of new phones running different operating systems. I bought and returned the Samsung Vibrant just this week, primarily because I already have an EVO 4G that satisfies my Android desires and I wanted to save up my upgrade subsidy credit for something coming later to T-Mobile. So with the EVO 4G my main, and only, device on Sprint, what am I using day-to-day with T-Mobile? The Nokia E73 Mode (check out my Guide) is actually my preferred smartphone. I tried using the Nokia N900 and find it does work well, but the E73 Mode is just so dang compact with great battery life, excellent messaging capabilities, and good application support that I keep going back to this device.

Even though the applications for S60 are not as plentiful as those on the iPhone and Android, I honestly find I stick to 10 or less on every platform on a regular basis. With the E73 Mode I primarily use Nokia Messaging, Gravity (for Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader), Nokia Podcasting, Olive Tree Bible, Google Maps, and the web browser. The only thing I truly find frustrating is the lack of threaded SMS on the E73 Mode. There are a ton of other occasional apps I use on Android, but they are not essential and mainly just used for fun and to burn some time. It is interesting to note that I spend more time talking with people and finding other things to do rather than sticking my face into the screen when I am using a device like the E73 Mode or the new Windows Phone 7 operating system that have fewer apps for individual tasks.

I personally find the keyboard on the E73 Mode to be fantastic and will be following up this post shortly with a Tips & Tricks article listing many of the keyboard shortcuts that I use all the time on the Mode. It may not be the newest Nokia smartphone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the most useful to many of us. BTW, did you see T-Mobile dropped the price to just $49.99 with a 2-year contract? Wow, that is one great deal!


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July 29, 2010

If you want a great freeware application for threaded sms, use Free i-SMS v1.03 (the newer versions are paid- sure you can find them cracked (v1.08), but I personally stick with v1.03 as it provides all the functions I need).

Google it, or use this link

July 29, 2010

I’m always puzzled why people use Google Maps instead of Ovi Maps? The latter always works better for me especially with side-loaded maps and built in turn by turn sat nav.

Google Maps only works if you’ve got a data connection.

July 29, 2010

Matt – I think you may be right. I should have returned my Captivate. I am going to use my E73 on a day to day basis and the Captivate when I can run Froyo on it.

Matthew Miller
July 29, 2010

Shaun – I guess my Google Maps use comes from using it so much on Android devices. I do use Ovi Maps when I travel and will try using it more now that the E73 really is my daily device. It has gotten much better and with the shortcuts I finally found it is very functional and capable.

Matthew Miller
July 29, 2010

Matus201 – I tried iSMS before, but it seemed to cause issues with the stability of the device at times. There is quite a process to get it signed and I just want Nokia or a 3rd party to release a good app I can use for this. I understand threaded SMS is coming in the N8 and as a father of teen girls I NEED threaded SMS!

July 29, 2010

I got the E73 the same week that it came out because my blackberry experienced a trackball failure. It is not as good of a communications device in terms of speed, response capability, and ease of use. That unified inbox of the blackberry along with the ever present blinking light is a fierce combo.

However, my E73 is a better all around device. I am not hyper attentive to messaging, but I get what I need done at a more relaxed pace.

The S60 learning curve has been long and steep, but the this device is without a doubt the best value for the money on the market. It is also without a doubt the best candy bar QWERTY in the United States.

July 31, 2010


If you don’t want that N900, throw me a bone!!!!! :)

August 14, 2010

I just got the E73 this week. I had been using an E71, originally with Centennial then AT&T and then T-Mobile.

The E73 is basically just a refined version of the E71 which is exactly what I wanted.

It is interesting that I use a similar set of apps on mine, I use Google and Ovi Maps, Olive Tree Bible, Opera Mobile the Messaging, YouTube, and Sports Tracker.

I am going to have to check out Gravity though. I haven’t tried it.

August 18, 2010

Excellent QWERTY smart-phone all around. My only complain is about the looks. I am a long time E-series user who has E61, E71 and now E73 on the record. E71 was a stunning, stainless steel wrapped beauty. When I first opened the box with E73 I was blowing away how plain phone looked and felt compare to E71. I wish Nokia kept the body of E71 and used the internals of E73 in this phone. Left soft key is making a squeaky noise when pressed. I hope it will go as I use I more. In a week e73 has grown on me thanks to it’s upgraded hardware. I have customized it just the way I like it and I is simply awesome.
Here is the list of software I am currently using:
Free-iSMS Pro 1.08($12 worth every penny, excel threaded messaging app, no stability issues)
Gravity ($9.95, the best Twitter client for S60 hands down, also has facebook, google reader, laconica functionality built it)
Google Maps
Opera Mobile 10.1
SPB tv
Sports Tracker
Ovi Maps
Nokia Internet Radio

Dave Lindberg
August 23, 2010

It is weird. I also bought a Samsung Vibrant as my next Android OS phone two weeks ago. While I LOVE the Android OS, why is it so slow even on a 1ghz processor?

I loved my Nokia E71, and the Nokia E73 on T-Mobile looks to be the phone to continue my T-Mobile contract for another year.

I hate that ‘we all’ deal with charging our ‘smartphones’ every 4-5 hours with heavy usage… when my E71 (with heavy usage) can go DAYS without being charged!

I’m coming back to you Nokia!

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