Nokia E71x Tips & Tricks: Want to get rid of those demo games and apps?

nokia-e71x-attAfter I first purchased my E71x I posted all about the unfortunate amount of bloatware demos that AT&T loaded on the device. I also told you how much each service cost, but didn’t try each application to see what it costs. By default you are unable to move or even hide most of these apps, but I was able to get the Games&Apps folder moved down so I never see it and it hasn’t been much of an issue. However, a reader (Mac from Chicago) sent me an email today with some directions that I just finished trying out that allow you to uninstall a large majority of the apps found in the Games & Apps folder.

Here are the specific directions from Mac, along with some of my edits to help you out even more:

OK, so the first thing you do is install x-plore, from here

Than after you install x-plore, run it and go to menu->tools->configuration and select the check box next to everything that says “Show”, including system applications found towards the bottom of the list.

Than just go Back and you should see Z: disk. Open it go to system->data->midp2->preinstall and there you will find most of the items in the Games & Apps folder. Here is a complete list of the ones you will find and what application they apply to:

  • an529-piranha-js179.jar (AT&T Navigator)
  • app-prod-where-E71.jar (Where)
  • BrainChallengeVol2_DEMO_NokiaE71_EN… (Brain Challenge)
  • DEMO_Collapse_UnitedStates_NOKIAE71… (Collapse)
  • mall.jar (MEdia Mall 2.0)
  • MobileBanking.jar (Mobile Banking)
  • MobiTV_NokiaE71ATT_Trial_en… (MobiTV)
  • MobiVJ_NokiaE71ATT_Trial_en… (MobiVJ)
  • Monopoly.jar (Monopoly)
  • MusicID_4.0.2_Nokia_xxx (MusicID/Shazam)
  • mycast5demo_act_e71.jar (My-Cast Weather)
  • remix_NokiaE71x.jar (ReMix)
  • wikimobile.jar (WikiMobile)
  • wpt2_att_nok_e71… (WPT Hold Em 2)
  • wvim5_en-US_es… (Instant Messenger)
  • XM-Radio_NokiaE71ATT_Trial… (XM Radio)
  • ypc_piranha_submit.jar (Yellow Pages)

So scroll up and down to select the app you want to uninstall. (Do this to the icons that look like ZIP folders and not all application names.)

Press the left soft key to go to menu->file->open by system and now it will ask to install it over the same one already installed but now install it to your memory card.

After you installed all of them to your memory card, just pop the memory card to your pc or other phone and format it.

Vola! they are gone. However I still haven’t figured out how to remove the SHOP icons. Still searching.

I personally kept AT&T Navigator (I find it invaluable), WikiMobile (seems to be free and useful), and Yellow Pages (another free and useful one for me). I did remove the Instant Messenger application because I have only 200 text messages on AT&T and prefer to use fring or some other client for IM needs. If you have unlimited text messages then you may want to keep this one installed.

All of these items will still be present in that same folder in case you ever want to reinstall them, but at least they are no longer installed on your device and cluttering up the folder structure.


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Slim Cognito
August 12, 2011

Off subject but is there anyway to change or increase the MMS limit,I have the Nokia E71 and its MMS capacity is 300KB, my Motorola Razr V3 was better than that, and it was only 350KB…My phone didn’t have much if any bloat-ware. Any Help is nice. Contact Info :

It is not okay to contact this use for purposes other than intended reason of posting.

December 22, 2011

I’m trying something very similar to this article, only I’m trying to remove default ringtones on my Nokia 700 located in the folder called “Tones”. No matter what I do I can’t delete them. Help! thanks!

December 22, 2011

I’ve tried Removable Disk, Nokia Suite, and even find it on my phone without connecting it to a computer, but still nothing. Can someone help me? Thanks!

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