The AT&T Nokia E71x Starter Guide


Welcome to the AT&T Nokia E71x Starter Guide. There are very few Nokia Eseries or Nseries smartphones devices sold through US wireless carriers, but there is one that is pretty amazing and available for less than $100. The Nokia E71x from AT&T has the same incredible form factor and build quality of the SIM-unlocked E71, but comes in a sleek black color along with S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.

There are a few differences between the E71x and E71, primarily in what AT&T and Nokia either left out of the device or added to it (in terms of software). I have been making quite a few posts about the device and thanks to some help from readers we have been assembling some very cool tips and tricks to help out all of you Nokia E71x owners. There is even a new contest for E71x owners where you can win a free one year subscription to AT&T Navigator.

Review and experiences

First full thoughts on the E71x

The Nokia E71x is an awesome piece of hardware, but initially we were daunted by all that AT&T threw on the device.

Review: AT&T Navigator on the E71x

AT&T Navigator is a full featured GPS voice-enabled navigation solution available on the E71x from AT&T.

Tips & tricks

Want to get rid of those demo games and apps?

One issue I have with the E71x is the load of bloatware AT&T included. Check out this tip to get rid of most of these unused apps.

Watch Hulu using Skyfire on your E71x

Skyfire is a proxy-based browser that gives you a speedy, full featured browsing experience.

Ovi Maps beta 3 works like a champ on the E71x

Nokia Maps 3 is a great GPS mapping program, with optional subscription features for your device.

Did you know that Zune subscription music works on your E71x?

The Zune Marketplace subscription service is designed for Zune devices, but with DRM support on the E71x it works just fine on this device as well.

Check out our Q&A roundup on the E71x

We took some reader questions and answered 12 inquiries in this post, along with some we haven’t yet been able to answer.

Want to know what all those AT&T subscription offers are on your E71x>

The E71x comes loaded with shortcuts to several services and it can be a bit confusing figuring out which ones you have to pay for and how much you have to pay. We try to help you with this blog post.

Check out all these apps that work just fine on the E71x

Did you know that Nokia Email, RoadSync 4.0, and Nokia Maps all work on the E71x?

There are several things you can do to make your E71x better

After a couple of days of use, we figured out several ways to make the E71x experience better as you can read about here.

All of the Nokia E71x user guides are available

The user guides and AT&T information appeared online prior to the E71x availability.

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