Will the Nokia E71x appeal to the masses?

Will the Nokia E71x appeal to the masses?Michael Mace does a great job posting in-depth analysis articles on the mobile space and just posted one on the different mobile operating systems in the US. The data shows that RIM leads the installed user base by double the percentage over the iPhone and others. Their survey did not capture any Symbian share in the US since the numbers are still quite small and many users may not even know if they have a Symbian device. However, one thing I found interesting that I think can be directly related to the upcoming AT&T Nokia E71x was in his Top features of the average mobile phone user chart that shows the top four features being price of the phone, which carrier offers it, size/weight of the phone, and text messaging.

The Nokia E71x will be coming in at only $99, is offered by AT&T (largest GSM carrier in the US), has an amazing size and weight (not to mention build quality), and has a keyboard optimized for text messaging. The one weakness in text messaging is the lack of threaded SMS capability. The next several top features are also supported by the E71x and if users see this sleek black device in the stores I really do think it could do very well for AT&T.


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Rui Castro
April 27, 2009

Just one thing and it is what bothers me the most on symbian phones (i have 5800) is that they never have text correction like the iphones and no word and phrase predictions like windows mobile and palms (text plus).

This is where symbian lacks and theres no 3rd party apps that i know of.

The only word prediction that symbian phone have is that t9 prediction which is very week. May I be wrong and the e71 has word prediction?

April 27, 2009

The Nokia E71 has a predictive text input, you can activate it when replying to a SMS or MMS, in the options menu, there is one called writing options, that let’s you activate the predictive text, it is a very nice feature.

Kaiser Soje
April 27, 2009

There are only two things the E71x has going for it, which are FP2 and the cool black color. People would be better off buying the unlocked E71-2 (with ATT 3G frequencies). Cheaper in the long run ($20 less a month in data plan!), no ATT bloatware (or any other crippling they do with the E71x) and better resale value.

Brad Barbaza
April 27, 2009

kaiser, I agree with you in principle, and that’s why I don’t regret buying my unlocked E71. But that’s nor the question being asked here (ie what’s the most practical choice for a new phone buyer?). What is being asked is will the E71x appeal to the masses. And as we know, us unlocked phone buyers in the US are not a part of the masses.

Matthew Miller
April 27, 2009

Exactly Brad. I do think the unlocked E71 is probably the better option for all of us (and for most people for that matter). However, they will not find the unlocked E71 in the store and even though the bottom line ends up being cheaper for them, they will see the E71x at $99 and purchase it. People who don’t care about sticking with a carrier could care less about the 2 year obligated service. Also, most of us pay the $30/month data plan so there is no savings in the data plan with AT&T.

Douglas Auchter
April 27, 2009

Can anybody confirm that the one-touch keys surrounding the D-pad still carry the same functionality as the unbranded unlocked E71? Because I see that as a huge selling point for this phone, and a great way to separate it from the crowd. The documents that you guys here have shown don’t have anything about those one-touch keys and I’m really annoyed to see that missing. I take that as a dis to Nokia for not putting that in the phone. I think this device has a lot of potential to really help Nokia’s name here but no thanks to AT&T screwing up another Symbian device, I think it won’t be as successful as it should be. I know almost everybody in the US is ignorant to Nokia phones and their potential, but those the know about the unlocked version will surely be disappointed with AT&T’s when they finally use it.

Kaiser Soje
April 28, 2009

You’re right, it wasn’t the question answered here. It’s just that every time I see the E71x mentioned it amazes me how worse of an option it is compared to the unlocked version.
As for the question: yes, the E71x will appeal to the masses. It looks insanely sick, has a good feature pack and it’s priced relatively well.

Jailbreak iphone
May 3, 2009

E71x looks nice , is this phone available all over the world?

May 3, 2009

I have had my e71-2 for around 8 months now and love it but im still going to get the e71x for 2 reasons. 1. its black, i wish nokia would have just initially made the e71 all black the first time instead of releasing it 6 months or so after the release of the original, it just looks so much better. 2. i can get it for free. att has given me 100 towards an upgrade so figure 150 before a 50 dollar mail in rebate…i definitely think the e71x is worth $0.00 and im not worried about the contract seeing as i get most of my phones unlocked anyway

May 6, 2009

i have a question on it and it bothers me a lot…is that it says that there isnt threaded messaging…and i really want this phone…is there anyway i could get threaded messaging on this phone? or anyway that it has it of some sort?
some answer pleasee!?

Matthew Miller
May 7, 2009


Threaded messaging is not included and I wrote about this in this post (http://nokiaexperts.com/s60-provide-native-threaded-sms-experience/). Readers wrote in with some alternatives that I have to test out on the E71x to see if any work. I really wish Nokia would address this.

May 7, 2009

lol thanks for the link to your other post…it really helped…i was trying to check out the iSMS website…but when i clicked on it…it brought me to error…how come? do you think you can get me the link again? i wanna check it out…cuz it seems like its a great program…are there any problems with it..cuz everyone seems to love it..?

May 22, 2009

Why does everyone speak so poorly of the 71x. I’ve had it for a 2 weeks and I think it’s an awesome phone. Some e71 apps work on it, some don’t. At&t did restrict the phone a little, but always in time a hacker comes around and solves that. I do believe it will appeal to the masses, specially with that $99 tag. The phone has more features than the avg. user will require and you can’t stand not looking at the phone with that black color.

May 31, 2009

this guy, prem73kumar, is the MAN for posting a signed/certified THREADED SMS APP that will work on the e71x. no need for hack, just go into application management, turn certificate check to “off” and you should be able to intall it.


you might also have to register at the dotsis forum, and if you get the error message “certificate is expired” manually change the date of your e71x to 2008.

July 4, 2010

Are the txt messages in converstaion view?

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