Nokia E7 in hand shows me again how Nokia excels at hardware design

As I told you a couple of days ago I won a Nokia E7 in a video contest and if you all voted for my video I sincerely appreciate it! Nokia let me choose from a silver or blue E7 and I like color so I went with the blue one. As you can see in my gallery below, I now own three of the latest Symbian^3 devices; the orange Nokia N8, silver Nokia Astound (C7), and blue Nokia E7. No matter what I may think about the response by Nokia regarding software updates you cannot argue they make some amazing hardware and the E7 has fired up my passion once again.

I will be working on my full review of the Nokia E7 as my T-Mobile SIM is back in the device after sending back the evaluation HTC Sensation 4G. Obviously, I am a fan of Nokia and Symbian or I would not write here on this site. I saw a good post on All About Symbian about the powerful and yet simple home screen we have on Symbian devices and it is honestly one of the reasons I use Symbian devices. If we could just get Anna on the E7 and N8 with the email client, web browser, and other improvements I would be happy until Windows Phone comes to Nokia. Even then, I will honestly miss many features of Symbian and plan to hold onto these three devices for quite some time.


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June 9, 2011

Since Elop has said they are designing their windows phones in California with an American design team, which is different apparently from what they’ve done in the past, I am really afraid that the devices will not be as appealing from an industrial design standpoint. I might be alone in this, but I place the sort of ruthless efficiency that Northern Europeans approach things from to the easy going style that Californians cherish.
I mean, honestly, I would probably really like windows if it was just a little bit less stylish and a lot more functional. I hope I don’t come to see Nokia’s hardware the same way in the future.

[…] Matthew Miller has won a Nokia E7. But that’s not the story over at Nokia Experts. The story is the re-awakening of his passion for the hardware design and build quality of Nokia. […]

June 11, 2011


If you could have just one of the 3 nokia phones mentioned in your article which one would you recommend? Thanks

June 13, 2011

I really hope they keep that kind of innovative, quality hardware design on the windows phones.
Hardware design(+ screen quality?) is the only thing keeping me away from buying windows phones now, (only LG & HTC here :( )

June 14, 2011

Nokia has great hardware, so why not improve the design of the E7 or N8 and just add Windows Mobile to it. Almost all of the reviews of the phones praised the quality build and design, so why change it that much?
Save the money and invest into something else.

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