Nokia E6 and X7 available today… just not in the USA

I am working on a post comparing my Nokia N8 to the Nokia Astound with Symbian Anna so you can see what Anna brings to the Symbian platform. If you want Anna now, you can get a Nokia Astound at T-Mobile or look around for a Nokia E6 or Nokia X7. Unfortunately, the release of these two new devices today did not occur in the United States so you have to pay the expensive import prices or just to see if they ever come to the U.S.

Nokia E6


The Nokia E6 continues the tradition of fabulous QWERTY Symbian smartphones with the added functionality of a touch screen experience. Some people swear by the E71, E72, E73 form factor and should be pleased with the E6 that also has an 8 megapixel camera and 8GB internal memory. I was a big fan of this form factor and may just have to get an E6 too.

Nokia X7


The X7 is a rather funky looking smartphone, at least in photos. However, maybe it looks better in person and the 4 inch display sounds good to me. It also has an 8 megapixel camera and 8GB internal memory.

Are you interested in either of these new devices?


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May 31, 2011

I was interested in the X7, but the better camera on the N8 is more important to me than the larger screen. Also, one press release I read said that the X7 was a feature phone, not a smart phone, and that concerned me. And, there is no solid proof yet that I can find that the X7 will ever make it here to the US. As a US citizen, I think that if Nokia wants to be successful here in the US, they have to make sure their phones actually make it here! And I think that they should get here at the same time as they’re available elsewhere, not 3 or 4 months later.

May 31, 2011

When will I see a 960×540 4+” QWERTY?????????

Jeez! My 2 year old N900 is still practically top of Nokia’s line. Have they been asleep since 2009?????

Show me some hot tech!!!!!!

June 1, 2011

I really want an E6 bad but I am afraid it’s going to be at least $550 to get one. Not worth it for 1.0 firmware that’ll have its share of bugs.

June 3, 2011


June 4, 2011


First,typing with caps lock on is considered to be a rude practice.

Second, English is not my native language and yet I am abhorred by your command of the same.

Now, Nokia does things for me in ways neither the Jesus phone(aka iPhone), nor the Android, nor the Windows Phone 7 can.

All on the phones can tether, no limitations on that. They tether with Bluetooth with has an entire order of magnitude lower power consumption than WiFi. Symbian allows side loading and has a proper file manager.

All of Symbian^3 devices will play just about any video you put on it, be it XviD, DivX, MP4 or h.264.

High end devices have HDMI and/or composite SD TV-out. My 4 year old Nokia n82 has a proper SD TV-out, and it came with a cable. You can use generic 3.5mm to RCA TV-out if you wish as well(instead of paying mega $$$ to Apple if you want the same thing from iPhone).

Also, you get really good turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation software for free. Another benefit to this software is that you can pre-load it into your phone from your computer so you don’t use data, or save on roaming charges if you are traveling.

Nokia devices are all very well built and lasting. Also even the fixed focus cameras are really good, read a bit on EDoF to see why. And N8 still has the best camera on the market.

And when it comes to qwerty candy-bar slabs, there are very few Androids that have the same form factor, and not a single one from Apple.

Now, it is true that there are hundreds of thousands of apps out there for iOS and Android. But it is also true that most are just junk, or a millionth clone of Tetris or something similar. I have Skype for my phone, GPS software, even a proper torrent client. Why do you think I would need a better phone than E6, which by the way I’m contemplating to buy?

To get on with the times? To have my phone locked down by the carrier and/or the manufacturer so that I can use the phone they think I should use it?

June 4, 2011

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June 5, 2011

I’m a total android fan boy, but the E6 looks incredible. Fastish processor that makes the phone lag little to none. Have you seen the speed at which it moves through and renders photos? The GPU on that thing is pretty incredible and the maps are really really sexy.

Not to mention, it has a track pad and a touch screen, noone other than RIM and Nokia seem to have figured out that people like that. Plus the E6 has jobs’ fabled retina display.

Nokia phones have long lasting batteries, amazing camera, or they would be amazing if they have auto focus, which I hear they often don’t have. And the call quality on Nokia phones isn’t crystal clear, but it’s better than practically all android phones

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June 16, 2011

100% true, I sign that anytime. Diffrent People diffrent tastes. E6 will be a huge winner for exactly those reasons.

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