Nokia E55 arriving in reviewer’s hands, sleek and powerful

Nokia E55 appears on the FCC siteThe Nokia E55 was showed off way back in February at Mobile World Congress and was one of those devices that I longed for since I am pretty dang fast using these half-QWERTY keyboards. Rafe posted a first look of the E55 that I recommend you check out. I thought the E52 was a great device, but prefer some type of QWERTY keyboard over a phone keypad and now you get a half-QWERTY in just about the same form factor. I have not heard any word yet on whether or not the E55 will be coming to the US, but let’s hope so. We did see it appear on the FCC site so it may be coming.

I LOVE that the E55 uses the BP-4L 1500 mAh battery also found in the E71, E71x, N97, Nokia Surge, and Nokia N810 Internet Tablet and would be very pleased to see this become a standard across even more lines.

I also found it interesting where Rafe stated, “The purchase prices of the E55 and E52 include a lifetime (of the device) subscription to Nokia Messaging.” We always knew that Nokia Messaging would eventually move to a subscription service and it looks like it may be going that way soon. The subscription is specific to geographic regions though so it remains to be seen what it will be in the US.


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August 23, 2009

I like the E55, it has a strange double press qwerty keyboard. Due to its strange button layout, it will not be available in some nations due to the dual language not being able to be printed in the limited space on the keys, so I’ve heard… That’s a shame because it won’t be available in my market. However, there is no reason it shouldn’t be available in America.

November 19, 2009

A compact and powerful phone.

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