Nokia E55 appears on the FCC site

Nokia E55 appears on the FCC siteNokia announced both the E75 and E55 at Mobile World Congress back in February and the E75 has been out and available now for a couple of months. However, it has been pretty quiet regarding the Nokia E55 and Nokia reminded me that they never said a North American version would be available so maybe there won’t be one made that supports US 3G networks. The Boy Genius Report did find that a version of the E55 was recently approved by the FCC so there is a possibility we may see one here. However, the FCC regularly reviews smartphones that do appear here through importers yet never have US 3G support.

The E55 is one slick looking Eseries device with that SureType-like keyboard design of two letters per key. I was able to get pretty dang fast with one of these on my old T-Mobile Shadow, but typing speed and accuracy is highly dependent on the predictive text implementation on the device too.

Anyone out there hoping to see the E55 come to the US besides me?


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July 15, 2009

Hoping to see it come the US? YES!

From the day I first saw this phone annouced (was it MWC, or CTIA?) I’ve been hoping it will come, to replace my E71.

I love the E71, but I mainly use it as a small backup phone now and the Touch Pro does most of my daily duty. But I’d love to try the E55, I almost think I can get faster than the E71 on it due to the larger keys. And I assume it’d have FP2, which my E71-2 doesn’t have.

Plus, it just looks sexy as hell :)

July 16, 2009

Absolutely. The E55 suits me perfectly with its long battery life, pocketability, and VoIP capabilities. I’ve finally found a worthy successor to my venerable 6310i :-)

I’m curious though how the E55 comes up with on VoIP 3.0 vs the already released E75 which gets VoIP 3.1

July 25, 2009

i like this phone because it has all the advance features i needed.

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