Does Nokia deserve a break? Yes, except for the Anna update

Regular readers know I have been a long time fan of Nokia products and I still am or I would not spend my time writing here on Nokia Experts. While I am one of Nokia biggest fans, I am also a critic and point out when I think they need to step up to the plate. Rita, previously of Symbian Guru, posted on the Mobile R’n’R site that we should all give Nokia a break.

I agree with much of what Rita wrote, except I am not willing to give up on the lack of the Anna update for existing N8, E7, and C7 owners because they should have the update if there are devices shipping with it too and there are no excuses as we approach one year without the update that was promised when the N8 was released.

I do think it is ridiculous to make any judgements about the success of Nokia with Windows Phone since we have no idea when we might see a device and what that will look like with Mango or later on the devices. Like Rita, there is a place in my heart for the people of Nokia and the company itself with its Finnish heritage. I wish Nokia would have seen that Symbian needed to be refreshed earlier because I honestly still do like Symbian and am loving this Nokia E7 and Nokia Astound devices.

It’s good to see Rita is excited about Nokia and Windows Phone as I thought I was one of the few that is looking forward to two of my favorites getting together. I would LOVE to see a Nokia E7 device with Windows Phone 7.

Do you agree with Rita that Nokia deserves a break?


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June 14, 2011

I have been a really loyal Nokia fan since 2000, Every phone I have owned has been a Nokia (aside from a short transitional period from dumbphones to smartphones when i owned a sidekick). I have recommended numerous friends and family members to get Nokias like the n95 or the beast e71. But I find that more and more I am left defending Nokia to friends that have gone on to iOS or android. Im really tired of Nokia announcing phones and updates and not releasing them for another 6months to a year.

Robert Najafabadi
June 14, 2011

I agree that Nokia should have upgraded there software but I have given up hope a long time ago for Nokia updating their software if I am happy with what they have I will buy a Nokia and I am waiting for something new to come out and I will buy unlocked also. Lastly I don’t expect anymore updates after Anna but that’s just me.

June 14, 2011

Nokia fans are voting with their pocketbooks (or not voting if you consider NOT buying to be voting against). Elop recently figured out that Windows Phone, even Mango, isn’t going to change anything any time soon, so he came out and said support for S^3 until 2016. He should have said that back in February as a transition, but they way he said it told Nokia fans that they wouldn’t be getting much soon(and that is what we are getting with Anna and Mango). The only real hope is a transition phone that can run S^3 now and MAYBE Mango or Mango II at a later date when it is good enough to go to.

Rita El Khoury
June 15, 2011

Hey Matthew, thanks for the link and the comment regarding the Anna update. I wouldn’t mind having Anna or even Belle soon, but I don’t think they change a lot in the grand scheme of things. Yes, they are long due, but whether they release them today or in 5 months or in a year, nothing would really change.
Anyway, just a small correction, you said I was previously of All About Symbian, I actually never wrote there, but on Symbian-Guru, a slip, I’m sure, as SG is going down memory’s lane now 😉

June 15, 2011

I would have to say that releasing Anna would show that Nokia has it’s act together AND that they might actually have their act together down the road so that a Nokia S^3 phone purchased now, would be worth having in 2 years time (the unknown that I myself am dealing with). Releasing the phones now, but not getting updates and feature that keep it fresh is a big concern. Nokia can talk about things all they want, but they have to deliver for many to believe them. Right now all Nokia can control is S^3. WP/Mango is in MS hands for quite some time to come.

Matthew Miller
June 15, 2011

Sorry Rita, I know you wrote for Symbian Guru and swear that was in my head and what I intended to write.

Anna may not be revolutionary, but it offers some key functionality and shows Nokia cares a bit about their loyal customers. It is approaching a period that is too late to make up though.

June 16, 2011

I have the Nokia N8 and I have a typical Love Hate relationship with it. But on the Nokia front. I waiting to see. All the manufacturers are delaying there phones. RIM is having problems with the release of QNX, Nokia with its latest Symbian. Yes it is one the Astound which is nothing more than a US version of the C7, so Anna should be out for the C7 at least.

But Nokia has told everyone to hold on too long, I am getting tired of standing in the rain. I am taking this opportunity to use various phones. I am currently using a borrowed iPhone 4 very interesting device, but I do not like the dependance on iTunes and how you are trapped in the Apple Eco System. But that is me, But IOS is promising a release from the trapped Eco System.

Android is great if you are a Google Apps User, but the apps are a bit slow and very sometimes unreliable. And the interaction with the phone is sparse.

And the Blackberry, is a great device, but you are dependent on one carrier and it is not easy to change carriers as your travel.

Which leads me back to Nokia. Why I use Nokia. I travel a great deal. And enjoy ht unlocked device. No matter where I go in the world with my N8, I have my 3g connection on a local carrier and my apps work and my phone stays current.

But there are so many bugs in the OS that is freezes, and locks, and reboots and the proximity sensor issue is very annoying. But I like the Camera, and a truly enjoy my Gravity App. And a few others. But the email needs to be updated to work better with Google and other providers. The web browser need a major overhall. But all this is promised in Anna and Belle.

But we users have been promised this for a year. So no we should not give them a break, As Nokia has not given its loyal users a break.

And I am searching for my next phone, be it a Nokia, Android, Apple, or Blackberry, we will see, depends on who can provide the services and apps I want and use.

Nokia E65, 6700, E72, N8

June 16, 2011

i hope the update comes out soon. i left a comment in the previous anna related post, comment 40. feel free to answer my questions :)

June 16, 2011

I just don’t understand Nokia any more. I was a Nokia fan since I ever started purchasing phones but they let me down again and again.
Instead of trying to release so many different phones, they need to change their strategy all together. How about concentrating on fewer phones and making sure they actually work! And improving the hardware that, not only matches iPhones and Andriod handsets, but actually makes them seem ancient because we all know Nokia have the ability to do so!

David Puffer
June 17, 2011

They deserve this only because Nokia brought this upon them selves. I just got a Windows Phone 7 handset and man, is it LIGHT YEARS ahead of Nokia. Syncs with EVERYTHING flawlessly. I love Nokia and everything bring to the table but honestly, I they got too big for and needed to bring down a peg. And this coming from a hard core fan dating back to early 1995. I am done with the Symbian mess. I just want it to work for once! Without issue! Is that too much to ask? Otherwise, I love your site and hope you can continue to write great articles.

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June 27, 2011

Ever since the N97 – which one could very easily argue started the decline of the once mighty Nokia no – they don’t deserve a break.

Breaks are for loser companies who have no hope of winning this game anyhow.

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