Nokia delays E7 and confirms 800 employee reduction

I would love to only report good news here about Nokia, but in reality life is not always rosy around the holidays.

I really enjoy using my orange Nokia N8 and have no plans for any other Nokia device until I see something running Meego. The Nokia E7 looks like a very nice alternative with the large QWERTY keyboard, but the lack of expandable storage, 8 megapixel EDOF camera, and larger size don’t have me wanting to make an immediate purchase. It turns out you won’t be able to get one in your stocking this year as Kevin points out that Nokia is delaying the release of the E7 until early 2011.

Nokia pushed back the N8 release to make sure the product was ready to go and honestly it turned out to be a good move as the N8 is an amazing device with just a couple areas where improvements are needed (portrait QWERTY and improved web browser) and we know these are coming with a software update. I enjoyed playing with the E7 at Nokia World, but I have really moved on from using physical QWERTY keyboards and am not sure I want to sacrifice the size and weight to get one again.

I would love to evaluate one and hope Nokia sends me one to use for a couple of weeks. They should know with my track record that I usually buy good devices that are sent to me for review too :)

In other sad news for Nokia this week, theĀ 800 employees previously slated in the Q3 financial report will be let go starting in January with severance packages ranging from 5-15 months salary. While this is sad for those being fired, I think Nokia needs to make these kinds of moves to retain its worldwide smartphone leadership and compete against Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM, and HP.


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December 15, 2010

Terminating employees in December is pretty heartless. But it was a necessary decision no doubt.

Gary Moncrieff
December 15, 2010


Last time I heard Nokia employ 118,000 people, more than Microsoft, Google, Apple etc. I feel they have become to fat and needed to trim their waste a bit.

Nokai E72
December 15, 2010

I really like this models, the main recommendation thank you!

[…] Nokia delays E7 and confirms 800 employee reduction […]

[…] Nokia delays E7 and confirms 800 employee reduction […]

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