Nokia CEO tells it like it is in leaked internal memo

Nokia CEO tells it like it is in leaked internal memoI wasn’t sure what to think about new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, but after reading the leaked internal memo on Engadget I have new respect for him and am getting more excited about the future of Nokia. As much as I love my orange Nokia N8, it has felt like we have been living in a weird limbo world since mid-2009 when the rather lame Nokia N97 was released.

We never really knew what the strategy was with the OS as we saw S60 evolving, then Maemo released, then Maemo killed, then MeeGo talked about and after reading what Mr. Elop wrote Nokia may not have known internally where they were headed either.

A couple of quotes from the memo that struck me personally were:

The first iPhone shipped in 2007, and we still don’t have a product that is close to their experience. Android came on the scene just over 2 years ago, and this week they took our leadership position in smartphone volumes. Unbelievable.

I still believe there are several innovations and design elements (penta band radio, USB on-the-go, HDMI out, fantastic aluminum in colors) of the N8 where it does beat the iPhone, but Mr. Elop mentions the experience and that is indeed where Nokia has fallen down.

Many of us have said Nokia has been too slow to change with the times and they invented many of these technologies that Apple has been perfecting so they needed to get off the pot. Mr. Elop acknowledges this so it was nice to see we weren’t just crazy thinking things were too slow. Nokia seemed to move along at their own pace, but it sounds like that is NOT going to happen now with Mr. Elop at the helm.

Nokia will be holding their Capital Markets Day on Friday where Mr. Elop will reveal his future strategy. There are rumors that he might partner with Microsoft and release Windows Phone 7 devices or go with Android in an HTC-like multiple platform approach. As a fan of both Nokia and Windows Phone 7 you know what I would prefer. If Windows Phone 7 is brought to Nokia hardware then get ready to see a LOT more writing here on Nokia Experts as WP7 is my personal preferred platform at this time.

What do you think of the memo and Mr. Elop’s statements?


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February 9, 2011


Nokia should wait till they see the changes they were working on effect “MeeGo and the new Symbian UI”

with the Qt Quick many stuff gonna be different, I really hope they stick to what they r working on and dont open more new ways that slow what they r already working on.

Symbian + open source + Qt + New UI = Nokia Win

coz many ppl didnt even try the new symbian 3 bcoz it looks the same one ages ago! :(

Symbian + open source + Qt + Really open + great hardware = Nokia Rocks.

Im using an Android device “SGS” and its S**T, all wts making android is it apps! and the answer with qt quick.

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February 9, 2011

I have not used WP7 so it would be unfair of me to say that I don’t want Nokia to go down that road but I’m still cautious. What I’ve always enjoyed about Nokia is this formula: fantastic hardware+streamlined OS+get out of the customer’s way. If Nokia can accomplish that with another OS, I’m open to giving it a chance. But I’m also still hoping that we’ll eventually see a street-ready version of MeeGo.

Peter Lindqvist
February 9, 2011

An E7 with Meego and Android emulator (see Myriad) would be a nice thing, if they can pull it together.

WP7? You’re making me cry.

February 9, 2011

Really, WP7 is okay but nobody loves this os. And it does not scale to 200 Euro-phones. Besides this, nokia will frustrate their follower base and give their own strength. Nokia would become just another manufacturer if wp7-phones (the same applies to android). The only clever thing would be to join developer tools and markets so that every developer can build a symbian, meego and wp7 app in one step. But i dont know if this is possible by qt. However yesterday a company showed a tool that can make android apps run natively on meego. Maybe that will work: combine android and nokia app development.

Shyne, KLA
February 9, 2011

Looks like MeeGo will be get scrapped, because it’s not easy to dump symbian, it still got a huge fan-user- base .
Elop is not happy with both os, so it’s a sure thing that WP7 is on and sadly after a lot of money, time and effort meego is done without a chance…!!!

February 9, 2011

Being that there are only 6 comments to this “major” story out of Nokia is testement to small of a market share Nokia has. To say they need a major shake up is an understatment. Competition is good for everyone, for the sake of that I hope they turn themselves around. But really, in my mind, there hasnt been a Nokia device released in 5 years that I would have considered buying.

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February 9, 2011

I liked where Nokia was going with the leaked screenshots from the SDK. Would be a shame to kick it to the curb. After reading about this on so many different blogs, everyone seems to think Nokia will go with WP7 or Android. Even if they do that short term, that doesn’t mean they’ll abandon MeeGo. If they did, Android sounds to me to be the logical choice. Not just because of popularity, but Nokia would have to do something to show their devices were different from everyone else’s. As much as Android theming by hardware providers is scorned, it gives them the opportunity to differentiate that WP7 will not allow.

February 9, 2011

1) Not everyone comments on every story.
2) There are many comments on Engadget.
3) This is a US centric Nokia blog that Matt does as a fan. Try AAS if you want an idea of the enthusiasts….or travel outside of NA :).

Henry Yao
February 9, 2011

I would like to see N9 has to offer and how Meego performs. I believe if they get te browser right, they will be in a good shape in competition. Right now I am using Nexus One after switching from Nokia E71. I am not a happy user. With Nokia I know where they will go with OS update. Google’s android upgrade is pretty much at the mercy of Google or its partern. I am giving google a few months to cclean up its act. If Nokia N9 is fast and has an updated web browser, I would switch back. Oh, Nokia should really go out and state how long will they support Nokia N9 like they did with symbian 3 (basically, symbian 4 will be availalbe to symbian 3 devices.) Once they do that, they will come up ahead. I really don’t want to see an android Nokia or a windows phone 7 Nokia. Those offer me very litttle differentiation for me to care for their brand.

February 10, 2011

Great job you guys, for reporting Elop’s email. AAS and other sites are busy pretending Elop, Google, Apple and MS don’t even exist.

And yes, FINALLY I, too, am excited about Nokia’s future after jumping the (sinking) boat a year ago.

February 10, 2011

I will personally be disappointed if Nokia partners with Microsoft and drops the Symbian. The nokia n8 is truly one of the best phones to come out in a long time, but had nokia partnered with Microsoft 2 years ago, the N8 would have never happened! Why? Because microsoft places all kinds of restrictions on the platform running mobil 7. For example, forget the microSD slot on the side. MS requires mobil 7 platforms to be devoid of user accessible microSD slots. So, there goes your ability to change out memory add more, less, whatever. Next, buttons. MS requires 3 buttons (I think its 3) at the base of the screen. Next the camera. I believe the MS directive is to use a 5mp camera and no larger. I’m not sure about USB to go, or HDMI, but I am guessing they have restrictions on those as well.

So, the one thing that has ALWAYS set nokia apart from the others is their hardware. Why on earth would anyone want a nokia phone where the hardware is restricted by Microsoft? And the Symbian OS isn’t that bad either. It’s not as polished as some others, but it is more powerful. Perhaps Nokia just needs to have a marketing blitz in the US, and lower the price of their unlocked phones a tad (20%), and tout all of the benefits of their hardware AND having an unlocked phone, and I bet they would take off here in the US!

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February 10, 2011

This will be good for consumers

February 11, 2011

As a former Nokia user (last one was a 6600 way too many drinks ago) and since having gone thru WM (good at its time), iOS (sweet but not well integrated with the Windows world) and Android (utter crap) I have to say I am quite excited and ready to pay whatever Nokia decides to charge for a WP7 based phone should them really go the Microsoft way.

Yes, I am one of the 10 people who bought a WP7 and I am still very excited about its reliability, integration (All the stuff I use for one reason or another… Xbox Live, Zune, Exchange, Office, Sharepoint, Live and etc) and speed. What I am not happy about is the hardware available… But with a Microsoft/Nokia partnership I would expect a solid and stylish device running the best mobile OS I ever used.

Bring it on, Elop!

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