Nokia CEO chats about the N97 and Gravity at D conference

I pre-ordered a Nokia N97 from the Nokia USA site (like I need another Nokia device, right?) and after watching the demo given by a Nokia employee (wasn’t that Davis Fields from the Nokia Messaging team?) at the All Things D conference I am getting more excited about the device arriving. I was also pleased to see Nokia demo Gravity on the N97 because I think that application really shows how developers can make for a wonderful experience on the S60 platform. Check out the video below from the conference.

Do you use Gravity on your S60 device? It runs well on every device I have tried (5800, E71, E75, and E71x so far). Anyone else pre-order the N97 too? We don’t know when they are coming, but it should be in June, which starts next week.


4 Comments to Nokia CEO chats about the N97 and Gravity at D conference

May 28, 2009

I have pre-ordered a N97 also and I can’t wait. The more I see about it, the more and more I am liking it. I hope it ships soon!!

May 28, 2009

Are those scratches from nails on the screen of the N97 (visible in the video)? I have never used a touchscreen phone but I have seen on various demos that the used their nails for clicking and choosing and also swiping which this phone apparenly supports. I immediately thought those marks could be from that swiping motion if it is made by the users nail. Anyone have experience with this?

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May 29, 2009

As far as scratches on the touchscreen is concerned, I would recommend anyone to get a screenprotector for the screen. From previous touch screens, I know that you will get scratches on them over time and this is so easily prevented. Usually, I will add a screen protector on the very first day I get a new touch screen device.

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