Nokia Beta Labs relaunches with community focus

Nokia Beta Labs relaunches with community focusOne of my favorite Nokia sites is the Nokia Conversations site where people from within Nokia’s Social Communications team post a ton of interesting content. I just read an article discussing the new Nokia Beta Labs site that went live a few days ago. I have visited the Nokia Beta Labs site for a while now because I like to find and test out the latest and greatest applications they are developing on all of my Nokia devices. Beta Labs is the place to go if you want to see future products from Nokia and the new site also now lets you give direct feedback on those applications and participate in the process.

Some of the current beta applications include Contacts on Ovi, Nokia Step Counter, Conversation (threaded text messaging that Nokia needs to add into the OS), and Sports Tracker. Nokia also has a page for those applications that have graduated from Beta Labs and some of these are Nokia Chat (now integrated into Contacts on Ovi), Widsets, and Nokia Messaging (my FAVORITE email program/service on my E71). Lastly, there are archived applications like the Enhanced Calculator, Nokia Headlines, and Nokia Device Status.

In addition to the great betas available and new capability to write reviews and provide feedback, you can also visit the Nokia Beta Labs blog to read lots of details about what is going on with the beta software. As you can read on the blog here are all the improvements in the new community focused Beta Labs website.

You can also interact with other beta testers in the forums that are setup for each application available.

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