Update: Nokia 5800 NAM now available in Flagship stores, $50 voucher included

Nokia 5800 in handThere has been a bit of confusion surrounding the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic release here in the U.S. since the devices apparently arrived at the Chicago and New York Flagship stores, but couldn’t be sold due to some inventory tracking issue. The folks over at The Boy Genius Report wasted no time and headed over to pick up the 5800 and post some first thoughts on the device. I have a Euro 5800 XM that I use with T-Mobile USA (doesn’t work with the NAM version on 3G anyways) and am quite happy with the device.

If you live outside of these two areas you can only pre-order it now on Nokia USA. I don’t know when these units will ship though.

The 5800 XM was actually one of the three phones I took with me on my recent cruise because it served as a rock solid phone, outstanding alarm clock, and media player while lasting for days on a single charge. The Nokia 5800 XM NAM version retails for US$399, which is about the same I paid for the Euro version. I would expect that you will find it online from other retailers, like Newegg.com, Buy.com, etc. in a few weeks for something around $350.

UPDATE: Mark found that Nokia decided to add some more goodnes to the 5800 NAM release with a $50 voucher for Amazon Video on Demand content. As stated in the Nokia press release, “For a limited time, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will also come with a 50 USD voucher for Amazon Video on Demand which allows you to download thousands of movies or TV titles as well as one month of free turn-by-turn voice guided navigation through Ovi Maps.” Maybe this is an attempt to help US buyers out since we don’t get access to the Comes with Music service.


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February 27, 2009

Do you think it is plausible that Nokia is not fully announcing the 5800 because they are waiting for a “Comes with Music” deal with one of the carriers (namely at&t or t-mobile)? I keep waiting for Nokia to make a large campaign announcement first to reintroduce themselves to the US market.

Matthew Miller
February 27, 2009

I wish this would happen, but I haven’t heard a peep about Comes with Music in the US. With such a small market here and no real carrier support I think it is going to be a while before we get support for subscription services like Comes with Music here in the U.S.

February 27, 2009

It’s times like this that I wish At&t and Nokia would have some insider to let some info slip out on their conversations and plans. It just seems with the E71 coming to at&t and the availability of the E63 and 5800 that something must be up and they are holding down the fort to not let anything slip out (at least I hope).

February 27, 2009

Note a nice little thing I am seeing on nokiausa the E63, E75 and 5800 are advertised on the site as $279, $399, and $529 accordingly. However when you add them to your cart they are $249, $359, and $479. So there are some behind the seens prices cuts.

February 27, 2009

typo in my part…not seens but scenes

February 27, 2009

why does my new n85 cost more than this phone? I’m new to the nokia world (loving it so far) but i’m not sure how they price the phones.

Michael Jenkins
February 27, 2009

What really gets me is the fact I have looked at the specs. I ultimately just purchased a Euro/Chinese version due to the fact the NAM version will only be speced at 1900 HSDPA not the 1700 that T-Mobile uses. I am hoping T-Mobile circumvents this by adding 2100 mhz so that Euro phones will work here in the US! I have noticed a huge trend in supporting AT&T and not T-Mobile on a lot of these handsets. I love this 5800 Xpress and hope eventually I can use the 3G. Any insight into this?

[…] then they were being sold for $359 instead of $399 (site shows they are back up to $399) or for $399 with a $50 Amazon voucher, and finally that they were being returned due to lack of 3G performance on AT&T. The latest […]

March 1, 2009

I have heard that there maybe a chance that t-mobile might be actually getting the 5800 so i would keep your eyes open.

March 30, 2009

i just bought a euro version
will it work on the US tmobile edge network?

May 16, 2010

I remember this!!!

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