N-Gage comes to NAM N97 devices with Software Update

I just read over on Mobile Tech Review that there is a software update for the Nokia N97 NAM that contains a download file for N-Gage. At first I went into the phone management>device updates folder and found nothing, but you need to go to Applications>SW update and look there for updates.

I did this and saw these four available updates:

  • Maps 3.1 (Optional 5542kb)
  • N97 C: Phone memory update (Optional 21kb)
  • N-Gage application 1.30 (Optional 6144kb)
  • Ovi Contacts 1.20 (Optional 2157kb)

I don’t use Ovi Contacts so I am skipping that one. I have no idea what the N97 C: Phone memory update is so I first went to Handy Taskman to check my phone memory so I could see if this did anything to optimize things. I closed everything down, cleared my browser cache, and went and switched my home screen widgets to offline mode to see I had 33.5 MB available in C: and 38.4 MB available in RAM. I performed the N97 C: Phone memory update and saw no difference in Handy Taskman. I will look into this more to see if I can find out what this update was for.

I then performed the Maps 3.1 update since I really like using Ovi Maps 3 with the compass support.

Lastly, I performed the N-Gage installation and saw it installed automatically into the C: phone memory of my N97. Launching N-Gage took me into a landscape view and I was a bit surprised there does not seem to be a portrait mode for N-Gage. I am not sure how well games will play on the N97 touch screen, but plan to give one a try soon. I need to transfer my N-Gage games from my old N85, but I still haven’t been able to find a way to do that easily and am not happy with the tie down to IMEIs without an easy way to switch your licenses yourself.


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July 15, 2009

I have a black NAM N97 and didnt see any new updates on software update app. =( Anybody else having the same issue?

July 15, 2009

May I know how much C memory u have left after all those installations? That phone memory update is probably for those who dont clear their cache/temp folders manually?

July 19, 2009

I went to NSU and only found updates for, C. Phone memory, Maps and Ovi contacts, i can not find an N Gage update anywhere??
Very frustrating

July 19, 2009

NICE! I have same updates that u have. I had 10 MB ram free. After that Phone Memory update, I had 22 MB free 😛 And N-Gage is just awsome. How do I clear cache/temp?

July 22, 2009

Any ideas how i can get N Gage?

[…] N-Gage &#99omes &#116o &#116he N97 wi&#116h so&#102&#116ware upda&#116e […]

February 15, 2010

I have gone into SW update and also device update and the C: memory update is not even showing .. i actually am desperate for this update because i only have 11mb of memory left on the C: drive and its so irritating because it limits me receiving things .. if there was an app that moves everything from the C: memory to the R: memory can some1 please mail me and tell me please with some instructions if possible

p.s i clear my cache changed all installation settins on ovi and messages etc to the E: memory and still only have 11mb on the C: memory :-(

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