NE N97 winner wins another contest and goes to Australia

NE N97 winner wins another contest and goes to AustraliaCan I pick a winner or what? You may remember back in November when I selected Edan as the winner of my Nokia N97 contest. Well, I just received an email from him telling me he won another Nokia contest, which I am still trying to grasp since it was so amazing. You may have been following the coverage of the Nokia Online as it Happens promotion, including the recent John & Kylie’s 48 hour Road Trip Down Under. I know I have been following it on Twitter. Edan entered the contest and came up with the idea for the video you see embedded below.

You can check out his travel blog and see that Nokia gave him a Nokia N900 as a prize and a trip to Australia for the shoot! WOW, this is an awesome prize and I thought the video was pretty clever myself. Congratulations Edan and thanks for sharing your adventures with us here on Nokia Experts. Have a great 2010 and we look forward to seeing what entries you have for future contests :)


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