N900 tips & tricks: Twitter, Foursquare, Last.fm, Pandora, and Firefox apps

It took me over a month of using the Nokia N900 evaluation unit before I finally decided to purchase my own N900 device and I honestly think the N900 is one of those devices you have to use for longer than just a couple of days to fully appreciate. I honestly learn something new about the Maemo OS and/or 3rd party applications several times a week and find that discovery on the device is a blast. One of the reasons I was using the Nexus One was the number and quality of applications, but developers are catching up with apps on the N900. I am a pretty heavy social network and streaming music service user so I was quite excited when I finally was able to get four of my favorite services working on the N900.


I started out using Mauku on my Nokia N900, but as I have mentioned a few times I find Witter to be a much more compelling product that is updated on a regular basis. At this time, Witter is the only Twitter client I have on my N900 and it provides just about all the functionality I need with a UI that gets better all the time.


Foursquare is a social networking, location-based application that combines updates to Twitter and Facebook with a game service that is enjoyable. I am currently testing a very early beta version of Barriosquare and will be posting some thoughts and screenshots of the application here on Nokia Experts soon. The developer is still accepting people into the test program if you want to try it out, but be aware you need to use X Terminal and commands to install the application and dependencies. After getting it installed though, you will find it is quite functional and has some capabilities that make it more compelling than Foursquare on other platforms.


I have a rather small music collection so I find streaming music services to be pretty compelling. My favorite streaming client is Last.fm and thanks to Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog I learned that you can setup Vagalume to work with Last.fm servers. Vagalume used to support Last.fm, but this capability is no longer a part of the application and you have to take the steps linked to above to get Last.fm working with it. The steps are quite straight forward and I was able to get everything up and running in just a couple of minutes.


Pandora is my second favorite client and on the Nokia N900 you should install the base Pianobar client with the choice of a front end UI. You can install pyPianobar or qtPianobar on your N900. I personally have the pyPianobar front end loaded on my N900 and find it to be quite capable and functional.


I just recently mentioned that the full release of Firefox Mobile was released for the Nokia N900 and I am finding it to be quite responsive and functional. I would actually like to see the ability to set Firefox as my default browser too, but don’t see that capability on the N900.

It is great to see all of these applications up and running well on the Nokia N900. I am sure we will see improvements in them too as the developers continue to update the UI. I would like to see an application like Shazam too so I can identify songs that are playing on the radio, but with these streaming clients and TuneWiki that is becoming less of a need.

Are there any other applications you hope to see on the N900?


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Political Penguin
January 31, 2010

Isn’t there a package in the repositories to set the default browser? Haven’t tried setting it to Firefox myself personally on account of MicroB launching faster so is currently more practical for opening links in e-mails and the like but I presume it should work.

January 31, 2010

“Browser Switcher,” I think it is called, but I seem to recall it is in “problem mode” at the moment.

January 31, 2010

yes, it seems Web won’t load if Browser Switcher is installed. otherwise it worked as advertised :)

Luke Garratt
February 1, 2010

Big fan of BarrioSquare, even if it’s not too popular where I live (yet). It’s great watching the program grow over time, and I must say Chris has done a brilliant job stability wise.

I like Witter, but I’m nearly always near a desktop and where I stick to echofon or twhirl, depending if I’m at home or at work.

February 1, 2010

What about GPS navigators? There’s a few available between maemo-extras and -development, but it’s not clear to me which ones are worthy.

I installed MapBuddy (which I like, but it’s slow), Tubes (a pathfinder for the London Tube), Password Safe (finally somewhere I can keep random passwords), the astonishingly useful Currency Convert (converter with automatic rate updates and tax/tip calculation), Gonvert (unit translation, imperial -> metric etc — I hate the UI, but it’s useful) and gTranslate (client for Google Translate). I also have mbarcode, but most times it doesn’t work.

I really wish someone would do a proper package with XArchiver and zip/rar utilities, it’s a bit disappointing that they don’t come by default.

Stephan Jaensch
February 1, 2010

While I have no specifics (or a website) yet, I’m working on a commercial Twitter client. It should be released around the PR1.2 timeframe. It has multiple account support among other things, so stay tuned. :)

Nathaniel Tucker
February 1, 2010

If you want Firefox as your default (or any other browser for that matter), try installing browser switchboard. http://maemo.org/packages/view/browser-switchboard/

February 1, 2010

@Matt Miller.

Refer to what sorodoros said in a comment. I have not tried it because I believe it was in Extras-Devel and heard it had problems.

But as far as the program “browser switcher”, it allows any browser to be set as default. I have the Firefox and WebKit based Midori on my n900 but haven’t tried making one a default as of now.

February 3, 2010

I miss these :
– gnumeric (for all DB related problemes)
– a crypted note taking app with crypted files useable on PC (GPG support would be marvelous) (I used notecase)
– Quick UML drawing tool


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