N900 tips & tricks: Installing .deb files on Nokia N900 with X Terminal

I mentioned in some of my Tweets that I am testing out an early version of Barriosquare for the Nokia N900. Barriosquare is a Foursquare application that is coming along very nicely. The developer is releasing updates every couple of days and really making it a very functional and attractive application. Since it is not yet in any Maemo repository I had to actually do a bit of Google searching to figure out how to perform some basic commands in X Terminal to get the supporting utilities and application installed. Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog beat me to the punch with his detailed tutorial of installing a .deb file via X Terminal on the N900. If you don’t understand some of these steps, then you probably shouldn’t be messing around in X Terminal. Remember that everything you do on your N900 is at your own risk and we are not recommending that anyone perform these steps.

Doing things like this actually appeal to me and it is great to see that the N900 has such power, flexibility, and accessibility, don’t you think?


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November 27, 2010

plz help icant install deb file whit x terminal.and i want english to persian dictionary .i cant find????plz send to my email thanx

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