N900 tips & tricks: Where can you find 3rd party apps?

If you have been reading my Nokia N900 posts, then you may be wondering how I am getting all of these additional applications on the N900 since the Ovi Store is not yet open for business. If you have used one of the older Maemo Nseries Internet Tablets then you are familiar with using the Application Manager to access repositories. There are various repositories and I some are highly experimental where “normal” users probably shouldn’t be dwelling too much. It seems that Mark over at The Nokia Blog and I are on the same page and he already assembled a great post on Maemo repositories on the N900 so I won’t repeat all that he wrote here with my own post and recommend you head over there to see how to access repositories.

N900 tips & tricks: Where can you find 3rd party apps?

I was very pleased to see that Nokia has integrated an automatic notification system through the Application Manager so that you receive a yellow notification in the upper notification area when updates to applications you installed are present. You then tap the notification and walk through the update wizard to install the program update.

I have added all the repositories I can find with N900 applications and am currently testing out the following 3rd party applications:

  • Almost TI Graphing Calculator
  • AP News desktop widget
  • Bounce Evolution game
  • Classic Gaming Wallpapers
  • DialCentral (Google Voice application)
  • Documents To Go
  • Facebook Widget and Photo Uploader
  • FBReader
  • FMRadio (enables the FM radio hardware installed in the N900)
  • Foreca Weather
  • gPodder podcatcher
  • Hermes
  • Maelstrom game (Asteroids clone)
  • Maemo WordPy
  • Mauku and Mauku widget
  • Mplayer
  • mSaber
  • Password Safe
  • Personal Photo Frame
  • Pixelpipe
  • Qik
  • SolarWolf game
  • Plugins (Windows Live for IM, Connection Switcher, Evernote Sharing, Load-applet, Simple Brightness applet)

There are many more apps, especially those for the serious geek such as SSH, Telnet, game emulators, and many more. A large number of these are in early development so make sure you take care when loading up a ton of apps. So far, I have yet to experience any issues with apps I have loaded and enjoy checking the list every couple of days to see what these amazing Maemo developers have added. So far, all of these apps are free too.


7 Comments to N900 tips & tricks: Where can you find 3rd party apps?

October 27, 2009

off topic but how well does the n900 sync with s60 devices?

andre klapper
October 28, 2009

It’s definitely always worth to mention that only the “Extras” repository is safe for average users.
Stuff in Extras-Testing and Extras-Devel can drain your battery, brick your device, kill your kittens and completely destroy the nice but naive impression that we all had of open source so far. 😉

[…] order to see Hide User Agent in the App Manager you need to add and enable the Extras Testing repository.  Hide User Agent itself seems safe and stable but be sure to disable Extras Testing after […]

March 26, 2010

to sync it with S60 devices. you have to use bluetooth sync from N900 its easy.

September 8, 2010

the bluetooth in my device is topped to send or accept any file ?

October 2, 2011

it good but not excellent okay

October 2, 2011

very very bad

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