N900 tips & tricks: Enable mouse mode in browser and play flash games

N900 tips & tricks: Enable mouse mode in browser and play flash gamesI tested out some websites for people early on in my N900 testing and commented that many of the flash heavy sites wouldn’t work due to the touchscreen on the N900. I was wrong about some and learned you can actually enable mouse/cursor mode in the browser and then use the stylus to move around the display like a desktop web browser. I just went and tried out a couple of games on Bubblebox.com and PopCap Games and they actually work pretty well on the N900.

To enable mouse/curser mode on the N900, slide your finger to the right from the bottom left corner of the display. A cursor icon will appear so tap on this and you will now be in mouse mode.

Check out the video below of me playing a couple of games (Zume and Bejeweled) on the PopCap Games site. Many of these PopCap games are available as downloadable games for the iPhone, S60 and other platforms and they are some of my favorite games. I can’t show my wife that they now work on the N900 or she will steal the N900 from me. Be careful using the games on this site though, they can be quite addictive :)


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December 31, 2009

Your N900 browser doesn’t look like the same one as in this video:


Do you know if there two different Mozilla browsers for the N900? I know the one in the linked video is a development version, so it might have more features, but the layout doesn’t even look the same.

James Whatley
December 31, 2009

Hey David,

The one in the video above is the native mozilla browser. The one in the video you linked to is the still very much in beta firefox browser for the N900.

Very different creatures, if similar.. (if that makes sense!)


January 1, 2010

PopCap should just develop games for N900 so that N900 users can play them offline. As we all know that using WIFI to play game is a waste a battery juice and N900 juice dries pretty fast. :p

Jaret Clark
January 1, 2010

thanks for showing me the proper way to enable mouse mode on my n900! I tried using the nokia website and I kept getting it wrong. Now I can fully enjoy my great mobile device!

[…] fonte: Nokia Experts […]

[…] Fuente: Nokia Experts […]

[…] your mouse mode to get more […]

February 21, 2010

I can’t see how mouse mode is advantageous in either of those two games.. Using the stylus gives you all the accuracy you need for podging jewels and balls.

Mouse mose for selecting text from websites however is superb.

May 3, 2010

i swipe from the left to the screen many times….but….the cursor doesnt appear!

May 17, 2010

1st swipe until the the icon with the cursor appears in the left bottom corner.
2nd tap on that icon with the cursor in it and you are in mouse mode (don’t tap the cursor you might see under your finger while swiping to get into mouse mode)

July 9, 2010

the trick is to swipe starting from the black area OUTSIDE of the screen to inside it (usually white in a browser) :)

when you switch on your phone, you can see your chosen wallpaper. the touch screen can actually detect your stylus pen from outside of the wallpaper-essentially anywhere on the front of your phone, not just the regular screen area used, but the black area outside of that also.

August 2, 2010

so much! Did not know that.

Marjan Ahmed
August 25, 2010

i want 2 record a video with flash and 1 can help

September 25, 2010

how come its not working on my n900?i followed the same steps given but still isnt working.hope u can help me.tnx

December 3, 2010

i cant get the flash to work and cant get bejeweled to work. i’ve downloaded fash many time, can u help me? thanks

November 11, 2011

i would like to ask how to enable javascript on my nokia n900

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