N900 reader response; Grooveshark streaming music site

I wrote about the streaming music sites that I tested on the Nokia N900 and then a reader asked me to try out a site I never heard of called Grooveshark. I went to the site, created a free account, and then tried to play some music. I discovered that the Grooveshark site required a lot of resources and took some time to connect initially. I also discovered that it loaded much faster after I had my account all created and setup after the first startup of the program. However, I was immediately impressed with the layout of the site as it seemed to optimized for the browser display on the N900. On the right side is a small area for ads and if you sign up for a VIP account and pay $3/month you can have these ads hidden from view.

The interface works well on the N900 and songs play very well with no skipping or buffering, even on a bit slower than 3G connection. It took me a bit of time to go through the various levels (artists, songs, specific song), but it looks like you can setup playlists on the web and then have those played right from the N900.

As I said, the site is a bit resource heavy and when using some of the small vertical scroll bars I noticed considerable delays in the site. Grooveshark looks like a good alternative, but so far I still find Last.fm to be easier to setup a song and have the service push songs to me to enjoy.


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jared Eldredge
October 22, 2009

you’ve got a typo on the first line, where you call the N900 an N90 by mistake.

for giggles i tried to load the site on my N97 – no joy. it requires full flash support and doesn’t work with flash lite it seems. oh well.

maybe when skyfire comes out for N97 i’ll have grooveshark access :)

November 8, 2010

I’ve tried to get grooveshark work on my n900 but with no luck.. There ain’t support for n900 on grooveshark’s offical page. Could you give me a hand? :)

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