N8 tips & tricks: Watch Amazon Video on Demand movies on the go

N8 tips & tricks: Watch Amazon Video on Demand movies on the goI already detailed how to get Zune Pass DRM music on your Nokia N8 and then a reader posted a question about Amazon Video on Demand movies. There are very few portable devices that support Amazon’s VOD services, but I am pleased to report that the Nokia N8 is one of them. Actually, the Nokia 5800, N97, N86 8MP and N85 are all listed as supported devices. Seems to me that this support is a MAJOR area where Nokia missed the boat in advertising available content for Nokia devices.

That’s right folks, you can purchase movies from Amazon and transfer them to your N8 for viewing offline. Here are the simple steps for transferring Amazon VOD video files to your Nokia N8:

  1. Install the Amazon Unbox client on your Windows PC.
  2. Visit the Amazon store (available within the Unbox application) and purchase a video.
  3. Download the video and portable video file. There is an option for both desktop and portable video files as they are two different files that are both included in a single purchase.
  4. Connect your Nokia N8 via USB Media Transfer mode.
  5. See your N8 mass storage or microSD card memory appear in the list of available devices through the devices tab in the Unbox software.
  6. Click on a video in your library and then click on the transfer button.
  7. Enjoy video on your Nokia N8.

Unfortunately, you cannot rent a movie and then transfer it to a portable device. Rentals only work on your PC or other device like the Roku video player.

BTW, while Zune music works, you cannot transfer Zune video files to the N8 for viewing.


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October 8, 2010

I think that was my question. Thanks for the answer. I may pick up an n8 now. I agree it is a great feature that Nokia should be marketing.

Matthew Miller
October 8, 2010

Yes, I think it was your question and appreciate it since I had not tried it out until you mentioned it. The process was quick and easy and videos play just fine on the N8.

October 8, 2010

Simply amazing! What a phone! Matthew don’t you have any insider contacts that could tell us what the heck is going on with their distribution of this phone. I am sure they are in the U.S. by now so why aren’t they shipping them out so that normal users could be evangelizing the product all over YouTube etc. It’s been an extremely frustrating launch..

October 8, 2010

So Amazon Video and the Zune pass works. Why doesn’t Nokia mention this is a pretty big deal since the Zune pass is amazing and Amazon has lots of movies and tv shows for less than what Apple charges. I am so getting the N8

October 9, 2010

Just another reason why Symbian is perfect for me =)… Good to hear compatibility of my existing library carrying over from my N97!

October 9, 2010

@Jakob: re the zune/amazon not getting marketing time

a) Nokia unfortunately does not like to tout all the good that its phones can do!

b)(& more likely) MPAA/RIAA & the content companies have not allowed Amazon mobile rights for its VOD content + the store is MS property and expected to work on MS only devices. These services have been like inside baseball for Nokia fans. We all know and enjoy them but if they get too much publicity then there is a chance it gets taken away and spoilt for everyone!

Mike B.
October 9, 2010

Robert,you always can get N8 other Country not only in USA

marty s
November 13, 2010

hey guys, so does this amazon vids on demand only work in the states or will it work in europe too cause i’ve just bought the n8 and im looking for a place to get movies and its proving harder than i thought it would be and help thanks

[…] never tells you about and these include the ability to use your Zune Pass subscription music and view Amazon Video On Demand movies and TV shows right on the Nokia […]

January 1, 2011

Does VOD work on the N8?
I do not see it in the appproved/supported device list.

[…] never tells you about and these include the ability to use your Zune Pass subscription music and view Amazon Video On Demand movies and TV shows right on the Nokia […]

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