N8: Swype, notifications, widgets, and more

N8: Swype, notifications, widgets, and moreThanks to Chanse’s feedback I posted on how to make your N8 keyboard experience better and I admit I have been pretty happy with that setup. However, I love using Swype on my Android devices and was pleased to see it coming to the Nokia N8. You can actually now go and download the beta of Swype for yourself. Search the Ovi Store with a C7 as your device. I posted the video below of Swype in use on my N8.

As discussed before, Swype cannot work in portrait because Nokia has some kind of limitation is place and Swype won’t work until Nokia provides an update. That said, it is still quite good in landscape orientation.

I also posted the video below to show some of the widgets I like and a couple other tricks I use on my own Nokia N8.


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October 19, 2010

Swype looks really nice and promising on N8.I hope Internet Radio is coming soon cause I use it A LOT.I’d like to say that overall I really like the N8.I had to return mine yesterday because of the unlock button but I will definately get a new one,this time a different colour.I’m glad I have my trusty N900 to keep me company for a while :) Even though I did have some software issues on the first day I am really looking forward to getting a new N8.LOVE the hardware and I also love Symbian’s multitasking.and the camera..WOW! One thing that bothers me is the autobrightness sensor that overrides the manual screen brightness setting.That is really annoying.What is your opinion on that?Do you like it? I know it’s great for saving battery life but C’mon Nokia I want to enjoy my screen.The only way to turn it off is to turn off all sensors including autorotation.Hope they do something about that in an update.Kinda reminds me of N82’s maximum screen brightness was so low-limited by the software.Again annoying.Oh well compromises compromises.Oh and one more question for you Matt:are you gonna stick with the black N8 or are you thinking about changing color too?

October 19, 2010

Oh one more thing :) Did you or the guys reading this use HyperX’s 30 FPS Mod? If so what did you think of it? Is it worth it?..any major downsides?

October 20, 2010

If Swype on the N8 is the same as on Android, Matt, instead of clicking “shift” before Swyping, you can just drag from the letter you want to capitalize, up above the keyboard (on top of screen) and back down to the next letter in the word.

For example, you want to Swype, “Matt.” Start at the “m” and drag up to the top of the screen where the text is being displayed, then back down to the “a” and so forth.

If you want to capitalize and entire word, start at the first letter, drag above the keyboard, swirl around (similar to double letter in word) and back down to the word to be inputed.

Of course, that is assuming Swype on N8 is just like Android.

October 20, 2010

Also, forgot to add that if you wanted to enter punctuation, like a question mark at the end of a sentence, just drag your finger from the key that the question mark is on, to the space bar. Same goes for exclamation marks, periods, and commas.

October 24, 2010

Would just like to point out that once you install Swype on your N8, you’ll not be able to uninstall or remove it without a hard reset. There’s no way to switch back to the default keyboard either.
Just thought I’d point this out as the article doesn’t mention it at all.

October 25, 2010
October 25, 2010

Thanks Matt, really appreciate it. Quick question, how did you install that Gravity Tweet widget ? I haven’t been able to figure it out.


October 29, 2010

this is for everyone

here is the link for a direct download, unzip the file and go install reboot activate reboot


[…] a month ago I was given access to an early beta version of Swype for the Nokia N8. It performed pretty well, but it would lag at times too and I understood it was […]

November 21, 2010

Hi,i installed swype on my nokia N8, but after unistalling,my default Keypad is messed Up. it shows all grey and Uncool. How do get My default nokia N8 keypad Back ?? help me plz

February 21, 2011

What is this theme? please answer.

April 7, 2011

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