Is this the end of Mobbler, streaming client?

Is this the end of Mobbler, streaming client?I just read some news on The Boy Genius Report that is not good for those of us who enjoy streaming radio content. It seems that applications that stream content that were not created by them will no longer work on mobile phones due to licensing agreements. Developers may be able to work with them to still support streaming, but it may also cost money for them to do so. I have been using Mobbler on my S60 device and Pocket Scrobbler on my Windows Mobile devices to stream music.

I just launched Mobbler and was prompted to upgrade to a new version a few minutes ago. It still works on my E71 so I don’t know when it will be cut off from

I have a rather small music collection so enjoy streaming music clients. I also use imeem Mobile and FlyCast on my G1, Pandora on my iPhone and Palm Treo Pro, and Slacker and FlyCast on my BB Curve 8900 so there are lots of alternatives for me personally. However, I don’t think there are alternatives other than Mobbler on the S60 platform, right?


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Kevin Neely
March 25, 2009

Check out for S60 mobile streaming goodness. However, this is basically your collection, not a radio-style app.

Brad Barbaza
March 25, 2009

Let’s hope this isn’t true. I use LastFM on my Nokia 770 and E71 constantly! It has led to many music purchases too!

What I wish would happen is that you could set a default “Music Store” on your device or within a program like Mobbler. Then, if you liked the track, you’d have the option to purchase it. That’s how the LastFM PC client works. If LastFM comes out with their own client that does this, I won’t mind losing Mobbler too much. Let’s see.

What I have noticed is that LastFM’s iPhone app ties into iTunes and also tends to promote certain bands that are “on tour”. I like the iTunes integration and don’t mind knowing certain bands are “on tour” but I don’t like how it doesn’t seem to play the same track selections as Mobbler on my E71 does. Anyone else noticed this?

Shazam for S60 that intergrated into a music store would be great too.

Speaking of music stores, why on Earth doesn’t Amazon’s mp3 Store have an S60 app? You’re required to use a home computer or Android now.

On a slightly related note, I’ve heard that Pandora recently started adding advertisements to its service.

March 26, 2009

My Nokia N85 comes with built-in internet radio, I have no problems accessing streaming content (music/news/whatever) from a multitude of sources around the word.

March 26, 2009

Mobbler still works on my Nokia 5800 (Tube). I hope it will work for a while now as this is my preffered way to listening to music at the moment as I still cannot but ‘Nokia Comes with music’ as addition to mu current mobile plan (I’m in ‘3’, UK). Does anyone know how I can buy ‘Nokia Comes With Music’ as addition to my current mobile plan without signing new deal ?

Brad Barbaza
March 29, 2009

I’m not a paying member of LastFM, so I have no right to complain about how they change their services, but I feel it’s unfair for them to claim they have ‘tollerated’ 3rd party apps using their api. Just stroll over to and you’ll see pages of these 3rd party apps being promoted as various ways you can enjoy ‘on the go’.

Like I said,

Brad Barbaza
June 24, 2009

Mobbler has stopped working now unless you update to the latest version of the App. This also requires you to be a paying member for the streaming…

I’m trying a month to see if it’s worth $3. I mainly do podcasts now, so not a heavy music user. If I was, this would be a no- brainer.

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