What will we see in the Microsoft – Nokia press conference?

What will we see in the Microsoft - Nokia press conference?There is talk of some kind of deal between Nokia and Microsoft with most speculation that an official Microsoft Office client may come to Nokia devices. Have you ever used the rather limited native Office mobile software on a Windows Mobile device? It just gives you basic functionality and usually ends up messing up the format of original documents and for me gets used mostly just as a viewer. Quickoffice is a MUCH better client on Nokia devices than the comparable native Office mobile product on Windows Mobile devices.

Now, on most devices Nokia just gives you the viewing capability of Quickoffice, which is fine for most people. However, not having editing capabilities out of the box on the flagship (and very expensive) Nokia N97 is just unacceptable so if this announcement means we can get editing capabilities on future Nokia devices out-of-the box then it may be something worthwhile.

Nokia and Microsoft have worked together on the past with Exchange ActiveSync and some Windows Live partnerships so it is not like either one of these powerhouses is giving up their mobile platforms just to work out a software deal. Microsoft wants to get their Office product everywhere and may be working with all mobile operating system companies to improve the mobile experience.


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August 11, 2009

Mobile office is my guess

Robert Najafabadi
August 12, 2009

Would this come free if not how much are we talking about and should it work with my Nokia E71x.
PS is there a way to make the e71x downgrade to the same software/firmware as the e71.

August 16, 2009

Please dear mister Kallasvuo dont take any solutions from microsoft….Nokia has all things better than microsoft…Dont spoil worlds best smartphone (symbian) with anything from microsoft…Go to phoneshops and see how people have change their rather new windows mobile phones back to symbian os phones. Nokia+Symbian is the best of all. End user from Finland.

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