First MeeGo device to use ARM processor, due later this year

Public Meego development kicks off with N900 image

While we track MeeGo development and wait for the first MeeGo device due later this year, Engadget points us to an Inquirer story which ways that this first device will likely use an ARM-based processor instead of Intel’s x86-based Atom chip, which is interesting given that Nokia’s major partner in the MeeGo effort is Intel.

Meanwhile, ┬áin case you missed it when Matt wrote about the 1.2 update for the Nokia N900, Steve pointed out in the comments that Nokia has said that MeeGo won’t be officially released for the device. So while that N900 development version of Meego from late March may have been promising, it’s a promise only of what we’ll see on a future device.

Inquirer via Engadget


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May 31, 2010

We can only hope that the Maemo/MeeGo community will get this over on the N900. When Nokia released their 1.2 update for the N900, they got a lot of negative comments on their post with very light praise. It was said that the development process for MeeGo was done on the N900, which we know to be true because it was available for download. This leads me to believe that MeeGo will come to the N900 as an unofficial OS, most likely not supported by Nokia itself but rather, the community. Since it has a ARM Coretex-A8, I think there is a very high probability MeeGo will be on the N900 in the upcoming months.

[…] MeeGo to start with ARM processor […]

June 7, 2010

The N900 is a MONSTER of a DEVICE…i have seen all sort of stuff done with it..from running Windows to Android. It will definately run MeeGo as well. I just hope MeeGo will be a vast improvement of Maemo5. In my view i think Maemo5 is awesome..the only thing the N900 lacked was a capacitive Amoled screen…bcz the device is a true work horse capable of doing a lot or almost anyth. I hope Nokia makes a device which sort of mirrow the N900 but w/a 3.7 to 4.0 inch capacitive AMOLED screen, a lil slimmer than the N900, 8-12 megcam w/ HD recording, horizotal slide out qwerty kb, 3 and 4G switchable, ofcz a large battery abt 2000mAh, dobly suround sound, customizable multi screens abt 5 or more, 64Gig onboard storage w/ micro SD expansion slot 32gig plus, ofcz Ovi maps and all the Noika goodies and new technology etc. Noklia was there w/ the N900 but just badly marketed in the US..align w/ a carrier or two(TMOBILE n AT&T)and make it affordable unlocked abt $500 and sub by a carrier for abt $200-300. Nokia plzzzzzzzzzz make it happen cz Android(HTC) and iPhone are hugging all the lime light n Smart phone customers. I was one of the original guinea pigs of the original N95..which didn’t work so well..many issues. Contemplated getting the N900 which took forever to be released..but i will w8 for the next superkiller Nokia device w/ MeeGo..for now i am using the Nexus one. Nokia has to give some of us who have moved to other OS enuf reason to be back onboard…i am sure they will

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