MeeGo 1.1 for Nokia N900 now available

It looks like it is time to put my SIM back into my N900 and start messing around with the device again. I just uploaded it to the PR1.3 firmware and that went well. We now see that MeeGo 1.1 for the N900 is available so you can dual boot your N900 and check it out.

It seems this process still requires some developer skills, but we will keep an eye out for a process to share with you all. If you find out how we can do it fairly easily, then please share with the group. So now it seems you can dual boot into MeeGo or play webOS games, isn’t it great to have a Nokia N900?


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October 28, 2010

what is the advantage of meego????????

October 29, 2010

This is just for testing, its not met for a mass release to the general public, if you decide to get it do so at your own risk.

Basically what meego is; is a mix of intel’s moblin and Nokia maemo 5, they used a lot of the great features from maemo so there are some huge differences with some similarities, it will have a great browser and since the meego is a partnership between two companies expect to see far more developer support for the meego operating system, it has even been said to support flash 10.

My suggestion is to wait until official approval from nokia themselves, they refuse to acknowledge its release because its not ready yet

October 19, 2011

But how do i install it on my n900 ?
is it the same as they are giving with the nokia N9?

October 19, 2011

if there is anyway then i would like to install it on N900 as it cannot run many applications .

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