Need more levels of Angry Birds on your Nokia N900? Here they are

Back when the Ovi Store launched on the Nokia N900, I mentioned that Angry Birds was my favorite game and that everyone should download and play it now. I have since completed all the levels in the game and was looking to buy the next pack from Rovio. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the Ovi Store and priced applications so at this time we cannot even pay to get more levels even though I am willing to do so. I hope this gets resolved soon, for both the developers and my sake. In the meantime, I read over on ZOMG its CJ that a Rovio employee was able to get clearance for custom level creation and the folks at have created a new level pack with 10 custom levels.

Need more levels of Angry Birds on your Nokia N900? Here they are.

I remember back in the days with my Pocket PC that there was a war game where people could create custom levels and it was a pretty big hit. It is great to see a level editor available for Angry Birds and I imagine we may see a virtually unlimited number of levels for this game soon. I do hope that the developers are able to somehow make some money on this though since I want them to continue development of Angry Birds and hopefully more excellent games in the future. I understand that Angry Birds has been downloaded 6 times more than the same game on the iPhone. This tells me there is indeed a market out there for excellent games on the N900.

I just followed the instructions and now have many more levels of Angry Birds available that are accessed in the game by simply tapping the big 2 in the center of the level selector.


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February 3, 2010

Has anyone else experienced problems after downloading the Angry Birds?

I had to re-flash my N900 because of “device memory full…” situation that was not allowing me to send/receive messages.

February 3, 2010

its work good

Chris Stobbs
February 5, 2010

Thanks for the referral to my site about the level pack.

Just for the record I helped created some of the custom levels, but I didn’t create them all and the level pack was created by others :-)

[…] vor gut zwei Wochen sind unzählige Beiträge in anderen Blogs wie, oder bei aufgetaucht, in denen beschreiben wird, wie man dem Spiel weitere Levels hinzufügen kann. Es […]

February 20, 2010

i need more levels cuz i finished all levels of angry birds

February 24, 2010


May 7, 2010

yaar i have faced a problem
it says device storage full unable to recieve or send new messages

July 9, 2010

can anyone please tell me where to get the original app of angry birds? I cannot use the level packs without this

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Sr. Tweetie
July 23, 2010

You don’t need to purchase level pack 1 or levelpack 2 or levelpack3 for angry birds!!!!!!!!!!!
Find someone that already has levelpack1 , 2 and 3 and do the following:-
SSH into the phone that has actually paid for and installed level pack 1, 2 and 3 and type the following commands:-

mkdir /home/users/Mydocs/pack2
mkdir /home/users/Mydocs/pack3
mkdir /home/users/Mydocs/pack4
mkdir /home/users/Mydocs/pack5
mkdir /home/users/Mydocs/pack6
mkdir /home/users/Mydocs/pack7
mkdir /home/users/Mydocs/pack8
cp /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack2/* /home/users/Mydocs/pack2
cp /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack3/* /home/users/Mydocs/pack3
cp /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack4/* /home/users/Mydocs/pack4
cp /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack5/* /home/users/Mydocs/pack5
cp /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack6/* /home/users/Mydocs/pack6
cp /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack7/* /home/users/Mydocs/pack7
cp /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack8/* /home/users/Mydocs/pack8

Now plug in a USB cable to the phone and your PC
(Mass Storage Mode) and copy pack4…pack8 from the N900 onto your desktop
once complete, remove usb cable from 1st n900 and install into YOUR n900 (Mass Storage Mode) and copy from your desktop to your N900 (pack4..pack8)
Once copied, SSH into YOUR phone and type the following:-

mv /home/users/Mydocs/pack2/* /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack2
mv /home/users/Mydocs/pack3/* /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack3
mv /home/users/Mydocs/pack4/* /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack4
mv /home/users/Mydocs/pack5/* /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack5
mv /home/users/Mydocs/pack6/* /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack6
mv /home/users/Mydocs/pack7/* /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack7
mv /home/users/Mydocs/pack8/* /opt/rovio/angrybirds/data/levels/pack8

close SSH & fire up Angry birds.
you will NOW HAVE ALL LEVELS (120+)
Why did I post this ?
Well, when Level Pack 1 came out (I paid for it !) I informed Rovio to improve security to stop people doing this.

September 7, 2010

Why angry birds does not working anymore on my N900 even after i download n install it again n then when i open it or loading it then it say to buy full episodes is available on ovistore, all the episodes have been locked? why? Even when i click on “Ovi Buy Here” then the screen say “sorry this item is not available in your country” But how??? It was working perfectly fine on my N900 n it wasn’t trial one?!? Could u please let me know to get full episodes? Anyone can help me please give me some solution, I’ll appreciate for any help looking forward to hearing from u all soon n thank you.

[…] vor gut zwei Wochen sind unzählige Beiträge in anderen Blogs wie, oder bei aufgetaucht, in denen beschreiben wird, wie man dem Spiel weitere Level hinzufügen kann. Es […]

June 14, 2011

im getting only 1st level of angry birds.when i try to download from ovi its saying item not available in your language.someone help me woth this
June 28, 2011 | موبایل

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